How is sunscreen applied? Enlarge areas that are exposed to sunburn easily!

Good for morale but at the same time the archenemy of skin, hair and the sun is responsible for 90% of the signs of aging and not only … Fortunately they can be maintained from head to toe thanks to proper protection from UV rays. And while we know it’s necessary to put some on every two or three hours during the fair, we don’t necessarily realize the right way to go. The evidence is the fact that we forget about certain important areas of the body. So, without further ado, here’s how to properly apply sunscreen, even before an afternoon on the town!

It’s almost time to pack your bags and go: head towards the sun! Fortunately, in the summer of 2022, all holiday destinations will be welcome. Let’s just hope the good days will be there! Winter was tough and we all needed to sunbathe somewhere. For this reason, you have to prepare your skin before exposure to UV rays, but also protect yourself well from harmful UV rays. And if applying sunscreen today before lying on the beach is a reaction to more than one, there are parts of the body that we ignore and often leave unprotected.

neck and chest

When is sunscreen applied summer 2022

Usually we forget about the neck and chest area. However, they are very sensitive to the sun. Sunburn on this part of the body can have serious consequences. Since the skin is very delicate, it needs to be taken care of just like you would a face. Many believe that sun protection is only necessary in summer or sunbathing, but the truth is that the sun’s rays are dangerous no matter the season. Wearing an SPF daily on the neck and chest helps prevent premature aging and sunburn. So it is applied even when there are clouds.


Apply sunscreen before or after makeup

“Putting sunscreen on her lips? Yes, the mouth is also a very sun-affected area. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. Wrong! Not protecting this part of the face increases the risk of skin cancer. The best thing is to kill two birds with one stone by getting Lip balm with sun protection factor.

the ears

Apply summer sunscreen and anti-UV sunscreen

In general, the ear is hidden by hair, and is also prone to sunburn. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreens to avoid skin burns and redness.


Apply sunscreen SPF and sunscreen to the eyelids of the face

For fear of getting a little in the eye, we have a bad habit of not applying sunscreen to the eyelids. But the latter skin is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. This is why applying sunscreen to your face is a must, even when you’re wearing glasses.


Apply sunscreen to the skin of the body, lips, and ears

Did you know that you can get a sunburn on your head if you don’t protect your scalp from UV rays? In fact, it is the upper part of the body and therefore the closest place to the sun. To avoid heat stroke, it is necessary to cover it with a hat or scarf in the hair. It’s also a good idea to use UV protection spray or hair oil to protect your gorgeous color from the sun’s rays.

feet and hands

Apply sunscreen to the body

Sunburn on the feet? Yes, it is totally possible! The same for the hands. The result ? More and more skin diseases appear on the skin of the hands due to the lack of protection from the sun’s rays. Therefore, after applying the cream all over your body, do not forget to put a little of it on your feet. Then do not wash your hands, but instead use a tissue to wipe your palms. If you do not want the skin to wrinkle, renew the application every 2-3 hours.

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