His son looks like him…brown hair, tan skin, pretty smile, he’s the exact version of the ’90s “Baywatch” actor

David Charvet celebrated his fiftieth birthday on May 15th. Revealed at the age of 19 in the series Baywatch During the 1990s, the actor played the role of first assistant Matt Brody. at his side? Pamela Anderson (C.J. Parker), David Hasselhoff (Mitch Buchannon) or even Jasmine Blythe (Caroline Holden). He achieved resounding success thanks to the series and moved to television projects. He plays a role in the series Melrose Place For two seasons and turns in different films. He stopped acting to devote himself entirely to singing. He released several albums with mixed success. Since then, David Charvet has worked away from cameras, rhinestones, and glitter. More precisely in real estate flourishes the former actor. He is famous for his expertise in building villas in the French Provencal style, which are so adored by Californians. In 2006, David Charvet became engaged to Brooke Burke, an American model and animator. Their love had two children: a girl named Heaven Rain and a boy named Shaya Braven. At the age of fourteen, the latter is the spitting image of his father. The little boy stands out with fine brown hair, cut into the bowl. A style similar to that worn by David Charvet in the ’90s which can be seen spinning as he jogs along California beaches, floating in red in hand, for ” save of swimmers in distress. Same smiles, same facial shapes, same aura… Father and son are like two drops of water. Shaya Praven inherited her father’s beauty and charisma.

employment InstagramThe David Charvet community does not fail to emphasize their similarity. Fans see Shaya Braven as a carbon copy of the younger actor. What must take a leap in time and move into timeBaywatch.

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dad present

In an interview with Sixth pageDavid Charvet shows the extent to which his new career allows him to take full advantage of special moments with his children and to be: The father he always wanted “before selection” This means putting your kids to bed every night, and getting up when they wake up. Before I got older, I traveled for five years in 42 different countries to give concerts. It’s something I can’t do anymore. I want my life to take on a different meaning. I didn’t even want to go to Canada to shoot a series or to cross Europe for music. I wanted to stay home, be a good father. I wanted to be there every day for my kids “.

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