Hairstylist Charlotte Casiraghi reveals how to recreate a bun from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival


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Wearing an elegant bun, Charlotte Casiraghi caused quite a stir at the Cannes Film Festival. Her hairstylist reveals how to reproduce her elegant hairstyle.

Passing through the Croisette on May 20 to climb the steps of the movie screening brother and sisterCharlotte Casiraghi walked the red carpet of the 75th Cannes Film Festival in a midnight blue satin dress and a beautiful bun. The elegant hairstyle, styled with a side parting, is faithful to the classic style of daughter Caroline of Monaco. A bow tie gave center stage to the luster of her hair which created more than one rift. It must be said that it is perfect for many seasonal occasions such as weddings or baptisms.

Do you also want to adopt him Elegant and shiny cake ? If reproducing the look seems too simple, then in reality you need to have the right reflexes to succeed in a hairstyle that was yourself at home. That’s fine, celebrity hairstylist John Nollet just revealed Madame Figaro everyone Secrets of making this elegant lock. Take note!

Charlotte Casiraghi, the tutorial from her hairstylist to recreate a bun from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

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To sublimate the brown hair of Prince Albert’s niece, the hairstylist began by grooming all her hair by combing flawless hair”Because this type of hairstyle does not support any hair that outweighs” He insists. Once the hair was properly smoothed out with this precision brush, John Nollet then tied Charlotte Casiraghi’s hair into a ponytail that served as the basis for the bun. He is the one who made this “Neither too low nor too high”, in order to sublimate the young lady’s head wagon. As we’ve seen, Charlotte Casiraghi’s lengths aren’t twisted in any way, they’ve drawn a perfectly textured twist of hair.

The secret to this ultra-clean result? He gave shape to the hair and rotated the ends of the ponytail while combing until it was It can spin well on itself. When you wrap the hair and make this bun “this juncture”. A little tip from the hairstylist to fix the bun: We shouldn’t see the sections that contain the clip. “It’s part of the accuracy of the result” He explains. As for the glossy effect of the hairstyle, John Nollet admits he spent “Veil of glossy varnish to fix” To add sparkle and reflection to this elegant bow tie.

From the front, her cake looks simple

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From the front, her cake looks simple

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