Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto of the Future: a 100% electric convertible car

Driving with the wind in your hair in relative silence will be possible in a few years with the arrival of the 100% electric Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto.

The future of Alfa Romeo Spider Duet – Slowly but surely, Biscione is reborn from its ashes under the impetus of Stellantis. Too ambitious about reviving the Italian company, The Dutch car group is giving the financial means to develop the Alfa Romeo range of cars worthy of this nameThis culminates in the launch of a 100% electric convertible car.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato recently announced that The tracks have already been studied by Chief Designer Alejandro Masonero Romanos To revive the symbol of Milan. But the arrival of the new spider will be On the condition of refunding Alfa Romeo, within 3 to 5 years, across larger models. The French president said, “We must act now. Tonale is our priority, Other models will follow in 2023 and 2024. So, Between 2025 and 2026, we can ask ourselves where we are. The conclusion will be that we are sustainable, that we are located in three regions of the world, and that we are known for our performance and quality. Comments collected by our British colleagues from Auto-Express.

homage to the sixties

In terms of style, the future of the Alfa Romeo Spider convertible will make for even more In honor of the friendly “Duetto” of the 1960s, rather than a model of the 2000s that did not leave a lasting memory for clover lovers, due to its undisguised running gear, despite its inspiring appearance. This is why auto moto I imagined, through an exclusive illustration, a very streamlined convertible with a long hood.

weight problem

100% electric, the Alfa Romeo Spider Duet that will launch circa 2026/2027 It must be anchored on an intermediate platform from Stellantis. It will be shown called STLA Medium Battery capacity between 87 and 104 kWh related with Electric motors provide 170 to 245 hp. Let’s hope that the weight gain from the use of electric propulsion does not spoil the driving pleasure, otherwiseIt will be very interesting to drive your car from top to bottom in complete calm, Except for the spinning noise, of course.

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