A researcher from Mahoran launches Nyfasi, the comb that tames fly-away hair

Youmna Mohamed came up with a great idea: to improve the many girls, big or small, whose curly or extremely curly hair turns hairdressing sessions into an ordeal. But before she could hold her magic comb in her hand, the expert doctor in physics had to draw its own resources.

Initially, his entire path was determined after doctoral studies. While working as an engineering researcher at Swansea University, Wales’ third largest university, she wondered herself, “I’ve been so passionate about my research and development work that I even created #IloveMyjob! But 7 years later, it was still routine, and I had ideas I wanted to put into practice.” implementation”.

Her job as husband au and Hazel, the little girl at home, recalls, “didn’t like her hair (she says ‘her hair’, like English, editor’s note), and in every hairstyle by her mother her afro hair, the tears were to untangle the knots. The idea of ​​a fitting comb came to me. , but I did nothing for two years, I lacked self-confidence. ”

Followed by a journey that will take her through a “national impulse talk,” then a “life coach,” and there, coming to terms with her own hindrances, “I know what thoughts are limiting now!” and trying to find her way among Mahoran society, which she is still imbued with,” which appears Marriage as an indicator of social success,” and Western French society, which maintains an ambiguous relationship with financial success, is not always the case. well seen. »

The conditioner is built into the comb

Grant of 60 thousand euros

When it started, it’s been a few years since Afro-haired girls were totally inhibited, the nappy movement, the French translation for “natural hair movement.” “Previously, many women straightened their hair because it was less painful and took less time to style. However, in Mayotte, when women comb their hair, there are distinct moments of complicity and relaxation. This is what I wanted to find. So she came up with the idea of ​​creating a comb A balm that glides on and spreads over the hair as it progresses, which Nyfasi calls, “happy and friendly times.” That English pronunciation and yes “naïfasi”!

Youmna Mohamed begins by creating an “ugly”, 3D-printed prototype, which she has patented in England. And he won the grand prize, “I receive a scholarship from the Royal Academy of Engineers, which gives me only 15 discoveries each year.” 60,000 euros which allows him to launch a small production, “model and brand Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler is accepted in England”. First life size hair care test on 30 women, 70% adopt it.

He must move now, even much higher, because he is currently raising funds to file an international patent, at a cost of 30,000 euros, and to launch his production that requires special configuration. For this unique product, which includes a box of 150,000 euros.

Dream of the future…because it’s all worth it

Hairstyle with integrated hair care

This is the domain of his partner, Dhitoimaraini Foundi, financier and founder of Olive Crowd, which specializes in financing unlisted companies. He resides in Mauritius. “When I met Yomna a year ago, I immediately saw the potential of her project. At this stage, it is necessary to proceed with the opening of the capital of this company with a value of 1.9 million euros”, explains this Thursday during the press conference organized in the comfort of the Samani Concept store in M ‘gombani.

The opening relates to 9% of the capital, or 190 thousand euros, with a minimum of 100 euros. Investors should go to the Olive Crowd crowdfunding site, and let themselves be guided. Amounts are denominated in Mauritian rupee, conversion is done automatically. “When registering on the site, an email is sent to give the procedures to be followed. Depending on your bank, you may have to go through system wise.

The financier announces an estimated return on investment of 8.9%, “and in two years, we’ll raise new money.” This opens up prospects, especially for shareholders, who can then choose to value their stake by reselling it, “and it’s not impossible for a big group like L’Oreal to buy the company for €400 million,” predicts Dhitoimaraini Foundi. Which raises the possibility of a public offering.

The crowdfunding system dictates that a set amount be reached, otherwise investors are repaid, “You have to reach 80% of the target amount.” They do not appear to be gray-haired, because they received financial guarantees on a large part of the capital increase. “I made an offer beforehand, without a marketing process, I already have 170 buyers,” says the young business manager. Who wants 5% of their revenue to go to charity.

Anne Berzo Lafond

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