This new hair line at a low price will change your routine!

We no longer need to introduce The Ordinary, famous for its facial care and neutral packaging. The brand, which offers all its products at very attractive prices, has announced the launch of its hair care range in France, which is currently available in all Galeries Lafayette stores in France, and on the website
Having already had some success with its popular Multi Peptides skin care products and hair serum, The Ordinary now offers a selection of scalp care products, including shampoo, conditioner and hydrating serum. If the products are sold at low prices, then their effectiveness is great.

transparent brand

Founded in 2016 in Canada, The Ordinary offers a wide range of inexpensive skin and hair care products with a clean formula. Not wanting to put the label on the packaging and the name of the products, the brand prefers to go for the basics, looking more seriously at the composition of its care as well as the well-being of its customers, something they consider essential.
Changing the traditional rules of beauty, The Ordinary does nothing like the others, and relies on science to deliver effective, yet unappealing products. No long ingredient lists, and no colorful frills on the packaging. Everything you need to know is clearly written on the product packaging, and the results have been extensively proven and monitored by users of the brand. Justifying its low prices with the fact that the active ingredients used in skincare are not as expensive as we think, The Ordinary advocates transparency and establishes a climate of trust and honesty with its buyers.
Currently exclusively in all Galeries Lafayette stores in France, and on the brand’s website, discover the new hair care range, which adapts to all scalps and can completely renew your hair routine.

Hair and body cleanser

As we explained earlier, The Ordinary plays the honesty card, which is why it doesn’t hide the fact that its shampoo contains sulfates. However, we must realize that, not all sulfates should be banned, especially if their concentration is low!
A key ingredient in lathering shampoos, the sulfates in this new product from The Ordinary, SLES-2 are gentle, skin-friendly sulfates that gently cleanse your scalp and body. So there is no danger of using it daily, even if you have sensitive skin. The other good news is that its formula is fragrance-free, and it’s meant for everyone, say all hair types. Its simple formula gently cleanses your scalp and body as well, by ridding it of dead cells that build up on the skin during the day. Leaves your hair real clean, does not cause any physical effect and does not weigh it down. Then a very good surprise.
Sulfate cleanser 4% for body and hair 8.30 € excluded from Galeries Lafayette

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air conditioner

Formulated with 2% Behentrimonium Chloride, this conditioner provides you with a simple and respectful scalp treatment.
In a 240 ml bottle you can see the only 7 ingredients that are in its formula, which do not contain harmful compounds!
So it is a gentle and effective softener that can be used from the roots. It reads correctly from the roots and even on oily hair. When we tell you that The Ordinary does nothing like the others…
This range emphasizes preserving the scalp, so it is perfectly natural to provide a conditioner that is applied to the roots to soothe and relieve all the scalp, which is often attacked by external factors. After application, the hair is not lightened, rather it is thicker and easier to detangle.
Conditioner with Behentrimonium Chloride 2%, € 8 and 30 excluded at Galeries Lafayette

Scalp moisturizer

To complete its range and provide the scalp with an extra note of hydration, The Ordinary introduces in this all-new range, a hydrating agent with botanical squalene and hyaluronic acid, which the skin naturally produces. Apply this milky serum directly to the roots, on clean, dry hair. When used daily, it will soothe your scalp and limit other irritation and itching. A true blend of benefits for all scalps, even those with a greasy tendency, this serum absorbs quickly through the skin and leaves no greasy effect on the hair, we guarantee it. Preferably in the evening, only a few drops – about 5 drops – are enough to keep your entire scalp.
Natural Moisturizing Factors + HCl Scalp €13.30 excluded at Galeries Lafayette

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