Salvador Ramos, author of the Texas shootings, killed 21 people, including 19 schoolchildren, in Ovaldi

The young man who opened fire on an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas, on Tuesday, killing at least 19 children and two adults, has been identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the young man was a US citizen and was a student at Ovaldi High School, without specifying if he graduated this year.

21 dead in Texas shooting: the story of events

Before shooting the schoolchildren, he allegedly shot his grandmother in this small town west of San Antonio, according to authorities who don’t know his motive.

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Shoulder length brown hair, face pale and expressionless

An anonymous shot spread in the local media shows a young man with shoulder-length brown hair, his face pale and expressionless. On social media, he links to an Instagram account, deleted after the murder, which contains several photos: two black and white selfies in which he appears in a hooded jacket, with hair to the back of his neck, and a photo of a rifle magazine.

Three days before the massacre, an Instagram story with two AR15 rifles appeared on an account linked to Salvador Ramos. According to CNN, several classmates confirmed that the profile did indeed belong to the alleged shooter.

Along with Instagram, Salvador Ramos’ TikTok biography reads: “Children are scared IRL”. understand, “Children are scared in real life”… Finally, according to CNN, a former fellow shooter said Salvador Ramos sent him pictures of a rifle and a bag full of ammunition days before the attack.

He also explained that Salvador Ramos was often ridiculed by his comrades, especially with regard to the clothes he wore and the financial situation of his family. This prompted him to regularly drop out of school.

sequel after the announcement

Bulletproof vest and gun

Before he committed this massacre, he would have done They shot his grandmother.Greg Abbott continued, emphasizing that the links between the two events were ignored.

Then, equipped with a flak jacket and a shotgun, according to Sgt. Eric Estrada of the Texas Department of Security, he escaped in a car he left near Robb Elementary School after he got “Horrific crash”. At about 11:30 a.m., when police found him, he rushed inside the school and opened fire in several classrooms, Sgt. Estrada told CNN.

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He was killed in a shootout with law enforcement authorities. Governor Abbott said two police officers were slightly injured. According to Pete Arredondo, the Ovaldi School District Police Chief in charge of the investigation, he acted alone.

Investigators are trying to get Detailed profile information of the young killer, “His motives, the type of weapons used and whether he has the legal authority to possess them.”Governor Abbott said. Sergeant Eric Estrada said he did not know if he was known to the police.

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