Pull His Hair, Confident In Botia: Our Hair Pulling Ideas To Stop James Lowe

James Lowe does not stop panicking counters. The Irish international winger (12 picks) of New Zealand origin, who has been criticized in recent months, has managed to silence even the most skeptical. And for good reason, the 29-year-old (1m 88-101kg) has been shining this season, like coaching Leinster and may never have looked fit. In the Champions Cup, The latter has crossed cross lines 10 times and is only one unit away from Chris Ashton’s record (11). So how can Rucelli Stadium stop the hard wing? We tried to reveal some small ideas.

Champions Cup. Analytics. Execution speed Cells of 3 mobile phones How does Leinster crush its opponents?

Annihilate all his attack

As we know, Leinster finds solutions most of the time, by pinning the defense to a cell (or two) of three players. Then offsets are generated at the end of the wing and who’s better than James Lowe to finish shots? It’s hard to beat this Irish millimeter game. But If Rochelais can attack the ball carrier, then Leinster’s attacks will automatically be less smooth than those seen against Toulouse. Once Lowe gets the ball, it will be a matter of not giving him space. But if Lowe’s not, the Irish can count on other individuals who can also make a difference. One hell of a headache. That’s why we thought of different ways to stop the dominance of the Super Three-quarters winger.

6 Nations 2021. Criticized for his defence, should James Lowe be left out of the starting lineup?6 Nations 2021. Criticized for his defence, should James Lowe be left out of the starting lineup?

pull her hair

Do you remember him too? In 2017, during a meeting between Australia and South Africa, The Israeli Wallabies full-back couldn’t find anything better than pulling Dillyn Leyds’ hair. Certainly the beginnings of the strange ideas of the former Waratahs player and future close friend of Idrissa Gueye, who later expressed a desire to rip the heads off of all who did not think like him. An action that did not go unnoticed, which then led to a clash between the various players at the meeting. Ironically, the Leyds, now Rochelais, could find themselves on the wing, facing James Lowe on Saturday.. And if the South African now abandons his beautiful hair, he can take revenge on his opponent today. So for sure, Leeds gives back nearly twenty kilos for the dominant Irish winger. Offensively, the players are completely different. When Lowe plays on his strength, the excellent Leyds will rather underline his qualities of support and speed. Speed ​​precisely, it would be a matter of clinging to the Irishman’s gorgeous mane. When he fails to stop him, he can at least slow him down while waiting for Botia or Danty to tackle. Meanwhile, tear off two or three hairs to add them to the top of the forehead.


Not a secret. In addition to his strength with the ball in his hand, James Lowe has a kick that would make most purists on the planet pale. And the wing does not hesitate to use its left claw To corner the opponent in his camp, or ride the third curtain as we saw against Toulouse Stadium.. But Marseille is also famous for its fog and storms, Jorge Sampaoli. This may be useful for keeping the wing feet completely out of adjustment. That person would then lose one of their superpowers and their kicks would rotate one after the other directly into the touch. Completely distracted, he wouldn’t have the clarity to perform the attack. Yes, a very wobbly theory, we give you. following.

Injury to the shin

What if none of these ideas are ultimately necessary? In fact, if La Rochelle is going to score certain packages, Leinster must also face a major wave of skepticism regarding some of its executives. Besides Tadhg Furlong mainstay, James Lowe is also unsure of this final in the velodrome. the reason ? An injury to the shin. That’s right, it’s hard to imagine not seeing the native Nelson, at the velodrome park on Saturday. But since Tawera Kerr-Barlow risks using a magical gauntlet against Leinster, we present the idea to Lowe to simply play with his shin guard. Fixed problem. On the other hand, it is advised not to order it from Djibril Cisse.

Since Toulouse had the right to develop to fifteen (instead of fourteen) for a few seconds on Saturday in Brive, without punishing them, why wouldn’t it be the same for Rochelle? Ah yes, maybe because we are in the European Cup and the French are as frightened as Bernard Laporte in the eyes of Guy Nouvese. However, we’re not asking Rochelle to play the whole game at 16. No. We explain. When Lowe inherits the swelling on his wing, Botia returns invisible and unknown to help his wing defense in the Sébastien Chabal Guiness edition. Fijians would then be able to have fun and introduce their famous “shoulder to the head” methods that would have killed 100% of humans except for Max Medard or even Johnny Sexton and his slow brain. A former prison guard, who by the way can help Thomas Ramos escape from his cell in Marcousi, Then it takes its usual red color in the Champions Cup final. But that wouldn’t have any effect as Rochelle would still be playing 15 against 15. On top of that, James Lowe came out of a concussion, before finally returning 10 minutes later to stun everyone. The player staggers as much as Finn Russell and Greg Laidlaw stagger when they leave a pub in Edinburgh. But the Irish doctor assures him: “Lowe passed the protocol successfullyJohnny Sexton can only validate what he says. Lowe will score an attempt, his team will be crowned European champions, but he won’t remember it.

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