No, this young transgender woman is not the owner of the Texas massacre – Liberation

After the massacre of 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Ovaldi in the United States, netizens posted pictures (wrongly) accusing a transgender youth, accompanied by anti-transgender comments.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Tuesday, May 24, in which 19 children and two teachers were killed in an elementary school in Texas (US), many viral publications claimed that he would be transgender. They are accompanied by pictures showing this person wearing make-up or even wearing a skirt, and in many cases messages related to transphobia.

In France, rumors were transmitted on social networks by supporters of Eric Zemmour, but also by a journalist from Radio Sud. Andrei Berkovwhich excites “The End of a Decaying Empire”.

And this false information spread widely in the United States, which was bruised by the murder. At first it was part of a series of photos posted on the 4chan forum, and then it was captured on all social networks. In particular, in a tweet – since deleted – from Paul Gosar, elected to the US Congress and known to be a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. He’s an illegal left-wing transgender immigrant.wrote the Republican Rep.

American media published photos of the alleged real killer, known as Salvador Ramos (here on the New York Post For example) from content posted by the teenager himself via his Instagram account, which has been deleted since the murder. Among the images were two black and white selfies that showed the 18-year-old wearing a hooded jacket, with brown hair to the back of his neck, as well as footage of him holding a magazine and two semi-automatic rifles. automatic. Despite a vaguely similar haircut, the photos broadcast by the American far-right, and then relayed in France, so do not at all show the same person.

All these photos were taken from the Reddit account of a young American girl introducing herself there “Transgender and Lesbian”, and lists his transition in his posts. I wrote in a recent post: “I love skirts, I wish I was a girl sooner.” After being informed of the rumor about her, the girl responded by posting a picture of her on Reddit, with the following message commenting: “That’s not me, I don’t live in Texas.”

call him CheckNews, says she is 20 years old – two years older than the identified killer – and lives in the US state of Georgia, located on the east coast – more than 1,000 kilometers from Texas. The girl says to herself ‘particularly upset’ Of the distortion that is its subject, and worries the most For the families of the victims.

According to information transmitted by local authorities to the media, the supposed killer is an American citizen who studied at Ovaldi High School. Salvador Ramos, whose motives remain unknown, was killed in a shootout with the police.

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