Here’s the trendy haircut we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022!

This haircut, or at least its original name, came to the beauty world in 2013. Here are the 2022 pics

As the name suggests, this is a medium length style that is cut down to collarbone height.

Like the bob, the collarbone cut is open to interpretation: You can choose a long version, just below the collarbones, or a shorter version that touches the shoulders.

The great thing about this style is that it can be adapted to any situation. Our hair is still long enough to be worn in a ponytail or bun, and the length allows for plenty of volume when left down.

Clavicut reinvented your way!

Aside from the distinct length of this cut, it is highly customizable. We can add a curtain fringe, for example, or adapt it in different ways using our favorite irons.

clavicut, a major trend for 2022

If this haircut was left aside for several seasons, we can thank stars like Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie who brought it back to the heart of current hairstyle trends.

So we can say that this is the haircut you should adopt from your next hairdresser appointment!

Why do we sometimes feel pain in the hair?

Do you sometimes suffer from “hair pain” – and we are not talking about “the morning after”, but about a strong pain or sensitivity of the scalp.

There are many things that can cause these unpleasant sensations, whether it is tenderness, an unpleasant sensation at the roots, or skin irritation.

Among the most common causes are: daily aggressions, such as weather conditions, swimming pool, improper shampoo or hair product, as well as certain diseases and infections, such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, or even food intolerances or allergies.

Two minutes to understand the lice on your hair.

Hair lice

To deal with this problem, it is necessary, first of all, to try to clarify its source. Assess whether your skin’s natural protective barrier has been dried out or disturbed by some elements such as climate, dermatological treatments, stress or even hormonal changes, for example during menopause or pregnancy.

Then, be sure to adjust your lifestyle accordingly, for example by not tying your hair too tightly, using a gentle shampoo, and reducing the frequency of using it if you use it every day.

Also, be sure to favor a healthy and balanced diet, as well as reduce sources of psychological and skin stress. You can also massage your scalp regularly to provide the skin with oxygen and improve blood circulation.

Of course, if any condition seems more serious (headache, plaques, very sensitive areas, etc.), or persists, see a medical professional.

Hair straightening the art of hairdressing.

Hair straightening

This week, a lady wrote to Locke regarding the curling iron.

hi luke,

I straighten my hair with a flat iron almost every morning before I go to work. However, around midday my ends start to frizz and my hair doesn’t look good anymore.

hairstyle product

I’d like to give you some advice and I’d like to know what shampoos and treatments to use (besides the straightener I’m already using) for perfect, long-lasting smoothing.

I would also like you to tell me when to use it (before and after straightening etc.), and by the way, my hair is rather thin and brittle and quickly becomes greasy. Thanks in advance for all your advice.

hair straightener

Hi Sarah Jade,

Do you straighten your hair every morning with a flat iron and in the afternoon it starts curling again?

No. 1: shampoo

As I often say, it all starts with shampoo. You should use the shampoo that helps to straighten the hair and take the same conditioner. The two successive effects prepare the hair for its straightening.

straighten hair

No. 2: styling product

Next, you should use a styling product that has the property of softening the hair and blocking moisture. Even with a flat iron, some hair should be blow dried, or as straight as possible, free of any moisture. If there is any moisture left in the hair, the flat iron will not be able to do its job effectively and that moisture will come back to haunt you within hours of styling the hair.

No. 3: Desiccant

Like I said at the beginning, in order to do a good blowout, choosing a dryer is very important so you don’t get discouraged during the drying process.

Hair Dryer

So you should first evaluate the weight of the dryer to see if you can hold it at arm’s length for several minutes.

The short wind stand allows you to hold the dryer close to your hair, facilitating maneuvers that require precision.

Then check the wattage of the motor.

Avoid using hot dryers with weak fans as they can damage your hair.

Instead, choose a device with a wattage rating between 1600 and 1800.

There are now many physical options for hair dryers, such as tourmaline and ceramic, which increase negative ions when heated, making it easier to polish the hair.

The most important thing when using a dryer for styling is to use a nozzle, which allows the air to spread flat across the hair and thus helps seal the cuticle and thus provide more shine to the hair.

When dispensing with the nozzle, the air spread is so wide that other sections of hair are dried at the same time: giving them nasty frizz that’s hard to correct afterwards. However, avoid sticking the tip directly onto the brush and keep a distance of a few millimeters plus a small corner if possible.

Hairstyle oil

No.4: Flat iron

A flat iron is a tool that has become a necessity now, as it allows you to create multiple hairstyles. It is better to choose a fairly narrow iron, which will facilitate access to the root and make changes to your hair. A width of about an inch to an inch and a half is sufficient. The device should provide a heat setting that is adaptable to different types of hair and different textures (for example, for brittle hair).

Hair straightening

The temperatures should vary more or less from 130 to 450 degrees. Ceramic, tourmaline, or a combination of the two provides a smoother effect. Tourmaline is said to have a sealing effect on the hair and supplies it with negative ions, which will spread throughout the day.

In addition, some irons have a nano property that has the effect of conditioning the hair and increasing its shine. Clean the cooling iron with rubbing alcohol and a damp cloth to remove tough stains.

hair straightener

Say goodbye to oil-based products!

Avoid products with oil in your hair, if you are used to using flat irons, because high temperature heated oil retains heat on the hair and can create a long-lasting effect of frying which seriously damages the hair. Instead, use thermal products that protect the hair and add to its shine.



Remember that all hot appliances should be kept in constant motion to avoid damaging your hair.

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