Galleria: Hairstylist, gas station worker and grocer, Francesca Spinelli knick-knacks

between Calvi And Partinelloat Southern Corsicashe is the only one Gas station for miles around. If they don’t want to leave their valley, the residents phalasorma They are bound to stop there to fill up on fuel, coexistence and other things. sympathetic Francesca Spinelli takes charge Gallerywith her husband Florian Luciani, since June 2020.

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When crossing the threshold for the first time, all customers without exception are surprised to see a comfortable seat installed facing a mirror, scissors, scissors and a hairdryer.

An American configuration you wouldn’t expect to find in rural and isolated Corsica.

“I’m from Santa Reparata and I landed here for loveThe young woman laughs. One day, my husband came home and said to me: Surprise, you took the station to settle here. I bled for three days, because I had a job in my hands. I’ve been a hairdresser for 13 years. I had no desire to sell fuel. »

Hairdressing is a childhood dream of Francesca Spinelli. Buck in her pocket par excellence, she did not deviate from her first ambition. After training at CFA in Bastia, then apprenticeships at salons in Lille-Rousse and Calvi, she started out on her own as a hiker.

When my husband saw that I was upset, he offered a hairdresser at the gas station. It’s his idea. I don’t think it exists anywhere elsekidding. Since we haven’t taken care of the facade yet, people are surprised, upon returning, to see the lounge area. In fact, fuel is the loss driver. I don’t sell enough size to live off of. My real job is a hairdresser. But I am versatile, by necessity. It suits a hyperactive person like me. »

Relais de Galeria is open all year round and adapts its hours according to the season. But thanks to self-service stations, it is possible to use fuel both day and night. Francesca’s little shop is also full of groceries, souvenirs, jewelry and all kinds of items that people passing through might need.

“People often arrive to pay for gases and end up having their hair done. We will have to modify the interface to indicate all the services inside. So far, we have mainly done useful work, such as a self-service station or buying an umbrella. Now, we will have to modernize the pumps and storefronts. »

Best of all, Francesca’s coffee machine makes a delicious drink. A break is always a pleasant occasion, on the long coast road between Balagne and Ajaccio.

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