Femicide in Saint-Martin-de-Champs: 18 years of criminal imprisonment wanted – Saint-Martin-des-Champs

“When did love become property?” For three days, Renaud-le-Duc dwelt in the trunk of the Finistere Assize Court in Quimper. Staring into space, straight ahead. From time to time, his thirties, very skinny, would take out a handkerchief to dry his often wet eyes when he talks about Delphine, the woman he strangled, as well as his parents’ divorce when he was young, “the sore point in his life.

Now, 38, this resident of Saint-Martin-des-Champs has never been able to mourn his parents’ separation after his mother’s betrayal. “My whole universe has collapsed,” he said. This period will have a “shocking effect” on Renaud Le Duc who will build his whole life “in a state of constant fear that his world will collapse again”, stresses psychologist Loïck Villerbu.

renewed shock

On the evening of the tragedy, his wife relives this “narcissistic mistake,” and appreciates the “common destiny of all violent men” General Counsel, Veronique Wester-Oise. In the matrimonial room, wishing to have a separate room that night, Delphine insults the accused’s mother with “extra” and reminds her of his infidelity. “Pressing where it hurts, she was light years away from imagining what would happen,” says Me Fabien Arakelian.

What’s happened ? Renaud-le-Duc grabbed and bypassed the collars of a dolphin’s bathrobe, strangled her for endless seconds, and squeezed so hard, he even caused the death of this 33-year-old woman, mother of four, ages 2 to 10. “When he hugs his neck, he knows what he’s doing. When he hears her say she’s choking, he knows what he’s doing. When he faints, he knows what he’s doing, he’s a caregiver. And he continues,” he laments to the attorney general.

psychological violence

A stanza of the hitherto unimaginable verb for Renault-le-Duc’s entourage, evokes the couple “no date” and “happy”. “A very loving couple,” “a self-sufficient fusion couple,” according to the accused’s parents. A family with no history of feuds, except for a hair-pulling bout. This will be confirmed by the spouses’ four children, indirect witnesses to the murder of their mother. No physical violence, then. “But half of the victims of femicides experience psychological violence,” says Me Isabelle Steyer. “The violence that slowly burns the victims,” ​​the attorney general recalls.

“He was someone who loved his wife the most,” said several of his former colleagues at Morlakes Hospital, describing “little Reno” as a “super fellow,” “benevolent,” “loyal and “quiet.” It is also impossible to imagine such horror.” Referring to the 750 pages of the blog kept by Delphine where all the family’s happiness is on display, describing Renaud Le Duc as a “Prince Charming,” an “exceptional father,” and “the best of husbands possible.”

facade of happiness

Excessive public display, some relatives say. “This blog shows a perfect life. But it was the life I dreamed of, not everyday life. His life was completely different”, confirms Fabian Arakelian. Family life in a vacuum, a “happiness facade”, a husband with “control over his wife.” The couple’s relatives evoke an “introverted”, “shy”, “without centers of attention” and “tyrannical with children” in their 30s. Such a domineering man with his wife, the man who “forbid”, “forbid” Delphine to pass a driver’s license, to work. A young mother “had to ask her husband’s permission to see a friend”, and a wife forced to call the couple’s only mobile phone, her mother, her cousin, and her friends “in secret”.


A married couple had one bank account managed by the “patriarch,” the one who controlled trips, dating, and lingerie. “A dolphin was forced to go deep into her pockets to retrieve yellow coins in order to purchase a pill,” Me Fabien Arakelian said again.

“Chronicles of Death foretold. Controlled from beginning to end of their relationship. Prisoner. And for the first time she rebelled, wanting to separate her room, she was killed,” Isabel Steyer condemns me. The General Counsel summarizes “a woman in need of a father who clung to the mirage of life until she died.” Recalling the defendants’ alcoholism and the presence of children at the time of the tragedy, it requires 18 years of criminal imprisonment, and requires the complete withdrawal of parental authority and a five-year socio-judicial follow-up.

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