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Your hair is dry, brittle and lacks shine? Dull hair is not inevitable. If there are effective recommendations for getting rid of dandruff, it is also possible to restore the dull hair shine. Follow our advice!

Dull and brittle hair: why?

Multiple factors can make hair dull: stress, unbalanced diet, fatigue, cold, regular wearing of hats and other head coverings or even The wrong shampoo

Heavy use of gels and other styling products can dry out hair over time. Like dyes that weaken the hair fibers to their porosity. Finally, some drug treatments can also be used damage to hair scales.

calendar : dull hairIt is brittle and clearly lacks luster. Fortunately, there are some effective tips to make it silky smooth, starting with taking extra care of your device hair routine.

Our tips to restore shine to hair

1. Adapt your hair routine

Dull hair above all weak hair, which require careful treatment. From washing to drying to brushing, they require special care. explanations.

wash : During this crucial stage for fine hair, hydration is essential! So you should use the right hair products, as we will explain in detail in the second tip. Also take the time to thoroughly wash your hair and massage the scalp. A procedure that allows the active moisturizing ingredients of your shampoo to work while eliminating impurities.

Reduce the number of shampoos Like oily hair, excessively dry hair should not be washed. Water opens up the scales of your hair’s cuticles, and many washings make it porous. Professionals generally recommend a maximum of three shampoos per week.

The dull-haired man dries his hair

Watch out for drying Drying your hair too vigorously makes it more brittle. We recommend squeezing your hair by hand for the first time, gently running your fingers in the direction of the scales (from top to bottom). Then choose a soft towel, such as a microfiber towel, and don’t rub your hair with it. Squeeze them gently. Finally, let your hair air dry or prefer moderate temperatures for your hair dryer. Use a less aggressive heat diffuser. We also advise you to choose Models that respect hair fibres, such as ionic hair dryers. Some even incorporate techniques designed to make hair shiny.

Some examples below:

2. Use shampoo for dull hair

As indicated above, The key word when it comes to dull hair is hydration. Your shampoo should be especially nourishing, in order to provide your hair with the necessary active ingredients to revitalize it. To coat the hair fibers, we also advise you to use a nourishing conditioner. Its application will prevent hair porosity and gain shine.

Horace brand offers shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients. Made in France and free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones, these hair products effectively wash your hair while conditioning it.

Horace shampoo and conditioner for dull hair

3. For shiny hair, use the brush correctly!

else Shiny hair tips : Use the brush regularly. It’s not a matter of styling it several times a day, but rather in the morning and evening, in order to get rid of leftover styling products and other impurities. Combing makes your hair shinier by stimulating microcirculation in the scalp.

We advise you Prefer brushes with natural bristles, more respectful of the hair fiber. Also, make sure the brush is clean to avoid getting your hair dirty when styling.

4. Eat a balanced diet for healthy hair

We all know that food is very important to staying healthy. The same applies to hair that can be affected by deficiencies. For shiny hair, pay special attention to your dish. In addition to fruits, vegetables, legumes and grain products that contain essential vitamins, you should have enough iron-rich foods. Actually, Iron deficiency leads to hair thinning and brittleness.

man with shiny hair

5. Grandma’s tricks for shiny hair

to end, Some “grandmother’s advice” It results in shinier hair. For example, you can rinse your hair with a mixture of water and vinegar or white vinegar. Target ? Remove impurities as much as possible and make the fibers more lustrous. Be careful, the vinegar used in excess can, on the contrary, dry out the hair. For added hydration, it is also possible to add a spoonful of sweet almond oil to this homemade rinse solution.

Another grandmother’s tip for shinier hair: After washing, wash A final rinse with cold water. A method that supplies the hair with oxygen by activating the microcirculation of the scalp, while tightening its fibers for added shine. Be careful: rinse your hair with cold water yes, but after rinsing it with hot water for the first time. Cold water does not allow shampoos and treatments to wash out properly.

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