Clinique Rivoli Massina: Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplant Specialist

The Rivoli Massena Clinic is located in Strasbourg and specializes in care related to the treatment of hair loss, as well as medical aesthetic and anti-aging care.

Clinic specialized in hair loss in Strasbourg

To combat hair loss problems, the clinic offers a wide range of care and treatment, through stimulation techniques such as mesotherapy; In addition to other techniques such as, for example, capillary graft or intermediate graft.

Mesotherapy is for people who have maintained the correct hair density, intermediate grafting is recommended for patients with low relative density with sparse areas. Finally, for people who are truly balding, hair transplantation is the preferred solution.

It is therefore highly recommended, for all patients, to consult a health professional promptly to benefit from personalized care and effective treatment, to avoid having to resort to transplantation.

Expertise in aesthetic medicine and micro-nutrition

Rivoli Masina Clinic carries out, through its activity, the work of aesthetic medicine for the body and skin. The institution offers, among others, sessions of laser, peeling, injection, cryolipolysis, treatment of scars and stretch marks and many other interventions.

The healthcare institution is also developing a high level of expertise on nutrition and micro-nutrition for the prevention of aging of the body, as well as in the implementation of medical cosmetics that are suitable for skin problems.

Finally, the clinic helps people with obstructive sleep apnea, an underdiagnosed syndrome that causes chronic fatigue and daytime sleepiness. Fighting premature aging is not only about looking at the skin or hair, but also about the quality of the patient’s nutrition and sleep.

While in France, the demand for cosmetics has been steadily growing for several decades – a phenomenon that can be explained, in particular, by the aging population and the increasing importance of physical appearance – the Rivoli Massena Clinic in Strasbourg offers personalized advice to help each patient find the solution The most suitable according to his own needs.

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