Cecil Fallin’s father resumes

This does 25 years this year Those close to Cecil Valin live with the pain of ignorance. What happened to the young teenager who disappeared over the weekend in June 1997? And on the occasion of the International Day of Missing Children, Jean-Alphonse Richard decided to return to this issue in the presence of the girl’s father in particular.

“For me it is a commitment, Cecil did not disappear alone. The people who knew her knew that such an act was absolutely unimaginable. There is at least one person responsible for his disappearance, and he knows what happened. This person needs to talk‘ said Jonathan Oliver with emotion crime time.

Sunday 8 June 1997, just after midnight when Marieise Valin, a teacher, her second husband, principal, and the couple’s two children join the family’s apartment, within the grounds of Paul Herault High School, in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne. Maryse Fallen is surprised to find her eldest daughter Cecil, born from a previous marriage, room completely empty.

The disappearance was soon considered alarming

This weekend, the high school student decided not to accompany her mother and stepfather to a christening in the South. She wanted to review the baccalaureate exam in philosophy scheduled for a week. The family gets worried right awayIt is not the custom of Cecil, a serious and sweet girl, to sleep without warning. A fellow teacher hosting a high school student is called immediately, Jeremy, Cecil’s friend For two years, but she is not at home. The gendarmes are alerted in the middle of the night, and the mother and her husband are wandering the deserted streets of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne.

Monday 9 June in the morning, the disappearance was confirmed. worrying disappearance Because he is a minor. Actively Wanted Cecil Valin, 17 years old, 1.65 m tall, short dark brown hair, green brown eyes according to description sheet and accompanying photo. The gendarmes visit the family apartment and the high school student’s room but find nothing, everything seems tidy and arranged correctly. There is no trace of conflict, the quilt is plaited but DNA expertise will not provide any convincing element. On the small desk, we even found courses that a high school student was reviewing. She left her wallet with her cash but she left with her ID and credit card.

Cecil’s last phone calls

At that time, cell phones were still a rarity and Cecil didn’t have any. The phone records At home she reports that she called her half-sister Chloe, 23, on Sunday at 10:45 a.m., but she was absent. Around 4:45 p.m., she spoke with her best friend, Sandrine. At 5:18 pm, she called her father, Jonathan Oliver, a Briton who lives in Normandy. I told him about little impromptu party In the apartment the day before with friends. She says she is embarrassed because she did not ask permission from her mother. The conversation is light, her father reassures her and encourages her for her reviews.

Once he is reported missing, Witnesses are advancing quickly. Several people said they saw Cecile about 6:00 p.m., once near the phone booth, again at the Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne station, and again along the regional road, at the city exit. Another witness reports that he saw the high school student in front of Pontamafrey School at 6:45 p.m., a town two kilometers from Saint-Jean. The certificate is considered very reliable Hence the girl was seen for the last time.

Investigators quickly rule out Hypotheses of fugue and suicide. There is still a trace of a bad meeting or emotional setbacks when the young woman had just captured the feeling of being torn between two friends…

our guests

Philip GuichardD., former president of OCRVP, and now deputy deputy director of the fight against organized crime at the DCPJ
Cathy Richard Cecil’s father’s lawyer

Jonathan Oliver Cecil’s father

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