At least 21 killed in US elementary school shooting, including 19 children

An 18-year-old boy opened fire on Tuesday, May 24, in an elementary school in Texas (USA), 19 students and two youths were killed, a drama that brought America back to a chronic nightmare. The shooting took place at Robb Elementary School, Which welcomes children under the age of ten in Ovaldi.

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The suspect has been identified

Known as Salvador Ramos, 18 years oldTexas Governor Greg Abbott said the young shooter was a US citizen and was a student at Uvalde High School. A photo ID circulated in the local media shows a A young man with shoulder-length brown hair, his face pale and expressionless. Before he committed this massacre, he would have done “He shot his grandmother”Greg Abbott continued, emphasizing that the links between the two events were ignored. According to a local elected official, this woman was taken to a hospital in San Antonio. Then, outfitted with a flak jacket and a rifle, according to Sgt. Eric Estrada of the Texas Department of Security, he fled in a car he left near Robb Elementary School. Around 11:30 am, she was found by the police, He rushed into the school and opened fire in several chapters. The young man was then Shot dead during a shootout with law enforcement.

Mobile not yet known

According to Pete Arredondo, the Ovaldi School District Police Chief in charge of the investigation, The shooter was acting alone. Investigators are now trying to get Detailed profile information young killer”his motives, the type of weapons used and whether he has the legal authority to possess them”Governor Abbott said. On social media, he links to an Instagram account, deleted after the murder, which contains several photos: two black and white selfies in which he appears in a hooded jacket, with hair to the back of his neck, and Photo from a gun magazine. In another shot, we also saw two semi-automatic rifles.

When for God’s sake will we face the arms lobby? Joe Biden

The shooting happened while Joe Biden was on his way home from his Asian tour. He spoke in the evening, immediately upon his arrival at the White House. “It’s time to turn pain into action”insist on The American president is clearly movingin an official speech at the White House. “When, for God’s sake, are we going to face the gun lobby?”said to himself, “nasty and tired” In the face of a series of school shootings. “Enough is enough”Vice President Kamala Harris carried away an advocate “to represent” On the subject of gun violence, a national scourge.

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