We saw ‘Men’, Alex Garland’s new horror movie, at the Cannes Film Festival

After “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” director Alex Garland is back behind the camera with the horror movie “Men,” which hits theaters June 8.

Male is everywhere. Presented at the Director’s Week at the Cannes Film Festival, Alex Garland’s “Men” overturns the classic structure of horror cinema and delivers a daring cinematic experience about the relationship between man and woman, coming back to life.

current topics

Misogyny, social orders, domestic violence, toxic masculinity… The film maker takes on many contemporary themes by taking on the symbols of popular horror, which translates to an exploration of loneliness, religion and nature.

In cinemas on June 8, the film centers around the character of Harper, played by talented Jesse Buckley. After the death of her violent companion, the young woman decides to take refuge for some time in a large house in the heart of the English countryside. But the worst is yet to come.

all the same?

This isolation will awaken his darkest fears. As soon as she arrived, she was greeted by the owner of the building, Jeffrey, set up by Rory Kinnear, who gave an amazing performance. During the film, the actor embodies several villagers, each of whom reflects a male archetype, or an authority.

He will bestow his features on that completely naked rodent, who reminds of Adam, and then of that vulgar child, of an arrogant policeman, or even of that dangerous long-haired priest. Guys aren’t all the same but the same? Through these encounters, the heroine will find a way to prove that she is the master of her destiny, to be reborn.

provocative and terrifying

Will they be able to do the same? And in what form? The tension builds upward until this paroxysmal scene, visually as well as sensual, as we witness a succession of male births. A sticky blood streak that never seems to end and is hard to forget.

Provocative and terrifying, “Men” is a well-structured feminist work where Sheila Na-gye’s character sticks to the character of the Green Man, leading to lively debates, so the boldness is a bet and multiple interpretations. Note, however, that this film may shock an uninformed audience.

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