This hair spray featured on TikTok makes hair waterproof

For those who are prone to frizzy hair when it rains or humidity, the miracle solution can be found on TikTok. If you are tired of those little curls, the answer to all your ailments is hair care in the form of a waterproof spray, which makes the hair completely waterproof. And we have good news, it’s available on Amazon.

Water repellent spray for frizzy hair

It was Chris Appleton, hairstylist for stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who shared this hair on his TikTok account. The video has achieved several million views, and the product introduces Color Wow Dream CoatunitedDeserves the best anti-wrinkle recipes, Which guarantees shine and protection for up to three shampoos.

Moisture-resistant, this waterproof mist smoothes and tones hair while leaving it shiny and supple. So in addition to fighting frizz caused by water, this hair care works as a keratin treatment. Available on Amazon at €33.50, the Color Wow Dream Coat promises to be usable on all hair types.

How to apply Dreamcoat waterproof spray?

For optimal use of Color Wow’s Dream Coat, follow Chris Appleton’s instructions, which are the same as those indicated by the brand.

  • Wash your hair with your usual products without neglecting the conditioner.
  • Dry your hair beforehand with a microfiber towel.
  • Spray the waterproof treatment evenly all over the hair.
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer to activate the hair care properties.

chrisappletonhair finally frizz-free waterproof hair ???? #dreamcoat original sound

In the video of the stars’ hairdresser, we discover, after applying the Dream Coat, hair that is silky and very shiny. What’s even more surprising is that Chris Appleton pours a few drops of water on his mannequin’s hair using a pipette, and it looks like it glides on the hair. The result is clear: no frizz, hair does not move, and no trace of water.

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