The Truth About Tristan and Isault, by Michel Zink

Of course, there is Odysseus and PenelopeRomeo and Juliet, Albert Camus and Maria Casares. But in the category of indestructible couples, Tristan and Isolde have what it takes to triumph over the platform of our imagination. And soon they loved each other, against the winds and the tides. Who says better? Makes you wonder how this brave knight and golden-haired wife of the King of Cornwall Mark could “She remains a model of love since the Middle Ages”. Michel Zink, one of the leading medieval scholars, found: “They did not stay that way. They became. As we know them, they are an invention of the nineteenth century.” It is Wagner’s fault and romance, roughly speaking, if we idealize the passion that, in fact, forced two lovers into life “Suffering and cunning”.

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The Middle Ages, in their wisdom, was more clear and contradictory regarding love, ‘The only disease we don’t want to cure’. By examining the many versions that have come down to us, such as those by Norman Perrol (4500 verses dated from the 12th century), Chrétien de Troyes and a group of southern troubadours, Zinc sheds light on what the adulterous love of Tristan and Iseult might have as well.“Insane and spoiled”, Unethical, annoying.

Two drug addicts

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It reminds us that we are dealing here with two drug addicts, victims of a magic potion, drunk because of ” poison “ Both are motivated (“They love each other with such a deep love / That the presence of the other makes each of them / Insensitive to pain”) aversion (“Since I drank love / I must love you in secret”). He notices the jealousy gnawing on Tristan because Isolet can’t help but ejaculate when she sleeps with her husband.

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He asserts that what the legend basically says is a transformation “narcissism for two”, Which includes To love others for yourselfIn true love, without a filter, “capable of self-sacrifice and mutual sacrifice”. In the era of all ego and revenge pornthis ancient idea can retain great importance, and may still be quite destructive.

Tristan and Isolate, a cure for loveBy Michel Zink, iStock, 200 pages, €18.50.

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