The secrets of Charlotte Casiraghi’s shiny and elegant cake at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Star hairstylist John Nollet reveals how to achieve Charlotte Casiraghi’s hair look that stunned Croisette.

Charlotte Casiraghi gave a style lesson on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. At the premiere of the movie brother and sister By Arnaud Despilchen Caroline Monaco’s daughter climbed the steps on the arm of her companion Dimitri Rassam, wearing a Chanel halter dress and an elegant shiny bun.

A hair job we owe to star hairstylist John Nollet. The person who sublimates the celebrity on red carpet She has already had the opportunity to style Charlotte Casiraghi on numerous occasions, notably at her wedding or during the traditional Bal de la Rose in Monte Carlo. “She is indeed a very inspiring woman. It was she who inspired me this desire, this very simple look of stunning elegance ”, says the specialist, who specifies that the construction of this cake was done as a team, “with the hero, but also the designer and producer -the highest artist, So that everything is harmonious.”

clean shapes

This sculptural knot that accentuates the way the head wears may look simple from the front, but in profile or from the back, we discover a subtly designed sophistication. “The beauty of this simple look is that the lines are pure,” emphasizes John Nollet, specifying that “above all, it is necessary to prepare the hair well, because this type of hairstyle does not support any hair any more.” That is why the specialist first carried out a “perfect brushing, without wrinkles” in advance.

Then place the statue. John Nollet explains, “I made a very subtle ponytail, neither too low nor too high, which fixes the first part of the hairstyle, so as to create an airy side effect,” then you have to work on this ponytail, giving it a curve in its brilliance. So I rotated it at the ends so that it could spin nicely on itself and create this “spin” cake. It gives a fairly natural movement, but it must be perfectly mastered. The last key precaution: “We shouldn’t see any of the clamps holding the cake. It’s part of the accuracy of the result.”

Charlotte Casiraghi at the movie premiere brother and sister At the Cannes Film Festival May 20, 2022. Daniel Ventorelli/WireImage/Getty Images

physical effects

As for the ending, Miss Chanel wore a hairstyle with sparkling reflections as her dress. “To highlight her sheer beauty, I had this vision of a very ‘haute couture’ texture and texture. I had an idea for this fine hair, whether it was cosmetic or very shiny,” continues John Nollet, who says he used hair products in between the ‘shine’ effect. and luster, for “the cohesion of the hair between them”. Finally, to keep the hairstyle in place throughout the evening, “I like to put on a veil of glossy hairspray to fix it,” he concludes.

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