Pictures – Elizabeth Bourne: Back in her physical development

After her appointment as Prime Minister on May 16, Elizabeth Bourne has been part of the French political scene for many years. The opportunity to pay attention to his physical development when he changes positions.

Elizabeth Born just made history by being chosen by Emmanuel Macron took over from John Castex in Matignon. She is the second woman to be appointed Prime Minister of France after Edith Cresson from 1991 to 1992. Women in politics today 61 years She can boast an impressive resume, having distinguished herself first as a transportation consultant I have Lionel Jospin When he was prime minister in 1997, then became a MLM manager At Eiffage in 2007the year France 3 interviewed a Polytechnic graduate to present an international award organized at the Millau Bridge.

The career of the ex-wife of researcher and professor Olivier Alex experienced a turning point in 2013, when she was His name is the governor From the region of Poitou-Charentes and Vienne. It also reappeared on all three her conservative outfit, This time with hair More gray than it was during his first visit five years ago. A year later, Elizabeth Bourne join Segolene Royal In the Ministry of the Environment as Director of his Cabinet, again devoted herself to transportation in 2015 in He becomes the head of RATP.

>> PHOTOS – Elizabeth Bourne: The physical development of the Prime Minister in pictures

Elizabeth Bourne in her colored jackets and plaid scarves at the Elysee

Knight of the National Order of Merit and Legion of Honor, Elizabeth Bourne Ho Appointment of a Minister in charge of Transport Written by Emmanuel Macron in May 2017, then Minister of Environment In July 2019 Finally Minister of Labour In the government of Jean Castix in July 2020, before he became prime minister.

Nathan’s mother, 26, is a temporary teaching and research assistant at the University of Panthéon-Assas in Paris. Notable appearances During his trips to the Elysee, in particular because of Her jackets and dresses are bright colorsWhich highlights her tan skin color and gray hair. Other key items of her wardrobe: Many decorative scarves and beautifully framed glasses, that stares him almost methodically.

Image credits: screenshot and Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage

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