Pictures – Cannes Film Festival 2022: Lea Seydoux is charming: she was surprised in a lace and leather dress

The magic of Aswaq was once again shining. On Monday, May 23, 2022, Léa Seydoux once again put the Croisette at her feet in a sheath dress that combines leather and lace.

French elegance. Since walking up the stairs for the first time in 2007, Léa Seydoux has proven herself to be a One of the most awaited actresses at the Cannes Film Festival. And for good reason, it has proven itself to be the enchanting revelation of cinema. A Prada-signed emerald green satin dress or Miss Miu’s signature blue mini dress, the star doesn’t hide her love for big homes. And his new appearance on the Croisette, Monday 23 May 2022, was no exception to the rule. In competition with the feature film future crimes by David Cronenberg Léa Seydoux once again captured the goals of the paparazzi. Moses Louis Vuitton, mother of George Maine, provided another style lesson.

Climbing the steps of the Palais des Festival, the 36-year-old actress has confirmed her status as a fashion icon Long black lace bodycon dress. Thin leather inserts came to marry her slender silhouette. a sensual glamorous outfit I wish they would perfectly complement a pair of sandals. There is no knot on the other hand, for those who have long worn trendy long squares. Lea Seydoux is revealed! Very chic boyish cut with sleek back hair. Side Beauty, a former jury member of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, chose what is natural. The actress revealed that she is in order to add value to her blue eyes and porcelain skin Adele’s life Adopt a luminous transformation finalized with a soft pink lipstick. Once not customized, Léa Seydoux is totally on point At the Cannes Film Festival!

PHOTOS – Cannes 2022: Tina Konaki and Kristen Stewart dazzle on the red carpet

Kristen Stewart rocks a shimmering crop top

Four years after her last appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, Kristen Steward is returning to Croisette. As a rank muse, she chose to transcend. Forget the suits and other men’s fashion, the young woman caused quite a stir White long and wide wrap skirt. A piece of satin tied in the front and slightly asymmetrical, highlighting her beautiful legs. took advantage of flashes, Kristen Stewart showed off an hourglass figure in a sparkly multicolored crop top. Perched on black shoes, the actress was breathtaking! In terms of beauty, the young woman changed her hair habits. Side hair follower, Kristen Stewart tamed Her long blonde hair is in a ponytail. calendar ? It’s sexy and elegant to perfection!


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