News from 8 a.m. – Moselle: Residents of a nursing home have been deprived of hot water for seven months

A new scandal at the Ehpad, this time in Moselle. For seven months, residents of the Amneville nursing home did not have hot water. Kathy noticed this flaw last year when she came to visit her elderly mother.

“There was no hot water anymore,” and by turning on the taps “there was no flow,” says this woman at the RTL mic. “Since November, it has been, so it has been Almost seven months without hot water And always the same price “, or 2300/2400 euros per month, she also criticizes.

For its part, the administration said it is taking measures. “No problem, we’ll do what’s necessary,” Cathy assured. If the “limescale problem” was mentioned for the first time, “I was then told there were some for a certain amount and then they didn’t have the equipment” due to shortages linked to the coronavirus pandemic. “Since November, it’s been excuse after excuse‘, she regrets.

In the face of this dysfunction, Kathy used the trick. “I brought my kettleShe heats the water and washes his hair,” she says. The foundation heats the water in a mobile tank that is carried to the respective rooms, but the repair has not yet been done.

It scares me for old people who are currently in nursing homes and for those who are waiting to get one,” explains Cathy. The latter, who “sometimes wonders if we are making the right decision” by placing them in these institutions, decided to certify after his change of mother foundation.

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