Mom you are the most beautiful in the world!

Some sad mornings send an unpleasant self-portrait: pale skin, dark circles, flat hair… Matching the first (un-trimmed) clothes you receive won’t help. But the race against time is necessary to avoid being late for school.

What if we could stop giving up looking good? “ Taking care of yourself, your hair and your skin means honoring what you have receivedsmiles Anne-Eamonn Billiard, 35, photo coach in Madrid. Our body is the vector of confrontation. Our image, a non-verbal message, an invitation to a relationship. »

This coach provides advice on choosing appropriate clothing, eyewear, and care for your skin or hair style. Many mothers are part of his clients. Motherhood is a stage in life that often coincides with a new beginningshe explained A need to find a new identity and style more appropriate for his age. » The air of nowhere, however, being as good at your skin helps to be as good in sneakers as it is in pumps. vice versa.

Reveal the beauty in yourself

“Every woman is beautiful, no matter what, Bénédicte Delfour confirms with conviction. Each of them bears a certain sacred beauty that was given by God. » Challenge: reveal it. Trained in the transformation method, the 40-year-old has created Illumnessence Workshops, which are meant to teach how to decorate with wisdom and self-respect. Individually or in a small group, this Parisian begins by looking for the right color palette for skin, eye and hair color. Then I noticed the structure of the body: is it vertical, diamond, circle? Finally, you dwell on the feel in order to determine the ideal texture of the garment: steamy or structured, light or contained.

There is no risk of falling into the box, as the entrepreneur points out: There are 475 different profiles. Every woman is unique! » It encourages those who struggle to see themselves in the mirror: “Looking at each other with love is an exercise; we are often very hard on ourselves, and focus on details or on our somewhat strong nose. Our scars belong in our history. If we accept their welcome, they no longer bind us. The group’s generosity helps to overcome and restore our complexes.” »

Take the path of self-acceptance

Thus, it all begins with the path of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. “Western society has taught us to live in the mind, to be warriors, untouched by our emotions”, Psychologist notes Camille Svez, who advocates calm femininity. “Motherhood is a great moment of fragility, when you find yourself weak, perhaps for the first time; but also an opportunity to truly love one another.”

This mother of two just posted vulnerable. Marvel at the rediscovered sensitivity (duke). “It is a woman who has the power to compromise, accepting to transcend feelings. This feminine polarization exists within each person. Reconciling with our own fragility allows us to not be afraid of ourselves anymore, to stop putting a large part of our identity aside.”

And to make it a strength, she explains: “When I agree to show myself weak, I remove the power of the other to reveal my conviction. This authenticity requires courage, but it liberates and allows you to become strong! It also changes our relationships: the bonds are deeper and more real.”

Harmony through artistic expression

Live your feelings and tame your femininity: Raphael Rasinot has tested it through artistic expression. This mother of two is a master of Chanterin Dance, an original method that fuses classical and oriental style, accessible to everyone, regardless of their shape or age. The chanterin dance seeks to honor the three dimensions of existence: emotional, physical and spiritual. It is a path towards human unity, from which beauty emanates. » Femininity is born from this harmony.

“Being feminine means accepting and experiencing contrasts. We are not just one color. This artistic exploration allows us to express and connect all of our feelings.” Gestures are largely inspired by natural elements: raising arms to the sky, performing the movement of a pendulum, dancing over a fire… “Water can be a happy stream or an angry sea; wind, a light breeze or a whirlwind. In the same way, living in your body all the nuances that coexist within you — sometimes roaring like a volcano, sometimes caressing like a feather — frees you and brings you bliss.”

It happens that a tired mother loses herself, hiding her own needs. “What are you trying to fix? asks the psychologist. Therapeutic work can help re-read his story, console his inner child, and break out of integration. » For more adaptive relationships. Allowing himself to take time for himself means increasing confidence: self-confidence, confidence in the father, which helps him to take his place, confidence in the child also, who becomes independent … At the end of the session, the mother gratefully expressed to Bénédicte Delvolvé: “I felt like I existed!”

Searching for inner peace

Puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause… “Life is made of accidents, and our bodies have scars, He gets acquainted with Raphalle Rassinot. It is up to us to tame it at each stage, by learning to welcome these events, experience them, let them go, and accept the transformation, with confidence…”

It was launched in 1996 in the present-day United States positive body Advocates of accepting the body, whatever it is. Anne-Aymone Belliard encourages you to assume your faults and age: “Youth is self-rejection. Indeed, a happy woman, even if she is wrinkled, or round, will always be more beautiful than the perfectly perfect woman but subject to the standards and judgments of others.”

Because femininity is not related to age or scale. Perhaps it has more to do with that inner peace that springs from oneself, precisely when one is able to welcome oneself with kindness and tenderness. Rafael Rasinot testifies to this: “I feel more comfortable today in my body, with everything it has been through, than I did when I was twenty.” Pretty woman ? luminous woman, Bénédicte Delvolved answers without hesitation, Which radiates and does not shine, that is, allows its inner light to shine through it. »

Gift ideas

This 110-page note invites you to jot down the elements that make up a Christian mother’s daily life: perpetual calendar, medical appointments, good addresses, but also favorite bible verses, prayer intentions, “What I would like to learn”a musician “Makes me feel good”a dream vacation … a diary, both practical and aesthetic, that helps to achieve a better balance in the times of one’s life: for God, for oneself, for the spouses, and for the children.
Treasure notebook from a golden mother, By Agnès Trannoy, Mami, €9.95.

Do you dream of a rest? What a great gift idea! Cœur de femme suggests living apart for three days, in order to pamper themselves and find their deepest aspirations. The next session “One and Many”, Inspired by the Lives of Women in the Bible: November 11-13, in the Chevreuse Valley. NEW: A course for children aged 20-25 over five evenings and a closing day in Paris. Website:

Suggestion Box
“It’s time to take time for myself,” “Just let the kind words pass through my mouth!” “,” To go away for two, in love. Candlelight dinner and say “I love you”. In this tube box are 52 small folded sheets for you to pick and open to find a smile.
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