In Vanne, the parents were prosecuted for violence in the Kunlu-Vaneh camp

Formed for a year, this couple, residing near Broons (Côtes-d’Armor), decided to spend the weekend in Vannes, staying in a caravan at the Conleau campsite, in the company of three children aged between 4 and 10 years old. A woman and a man’s 6-year-old daughter. On October 20, 2021, the couple went out to go alone to the restaurant, where they drank a lot. At about 1 a.m., the return to the camp site occurred in violence when the man wanted to look at his companion’s phone to see if she was cheating on him. He then abused one of this woman’s children to obtain the token. The mother hit him back and the man responded by slapping, punching and kicking him in the head in front of the four children who remained in the camp.

Knife under the throat for 6 years old

Two of the caravan’s neighbors stepped in to save the woman while calling the police. When they arrived, the police found that the man had fled with his daughter in a truck. They chased him and tried to stop him by placing a movable strut under the wheels. without result. The truck was finally found three hours later, near the camp, and the man was asleep at the wheel near his daughter. He had violently refused to undergo a breathalyzer test and later admitted to having been beaten and pulled by his stepmother’s hair, while a knife was placed under his throat.

On Monday, the couple, now separated, is tried in court for these various acts of violence. The investigation established that the woman had a blood alcohol level of 1.15 g / l. The defendant explains: “The children were left in the care of my partner’s eldest daughter, aged 10. We had already drunk alcohol during the afternoon, and then a fight broke out between us in the restaurant. At the camp site, my partner threw a chair over my head and put a knife in my throat. My daughter, while he was pulling her by her hair. I retaliated by kicking her in front of her children. Then I left with my daughter.

previous acts of violence

The companion gives details: “He hit me right after he grabbed my phone. I chased after his daughter to stop him from hitting me, protecting me from behind her. I never had a knife in my hand, I only had a spoon. The scream woke all the children who witnessed this violence. It was not the first scene: he He has already abandoned me and my three children twice, without a car and away from our home, during weekends that were marked by battering.

For the prosecutor, “the children were witnesses and victims of the violence of this couple, who came to the end of their relationship, all this in the context of alcoholism. The man also acted irresponsibly, escaping with his daughter drunk at the wheel. Against the man is wanted eight months in prison with a suspension The probation is for two years and against the woman a four-month suspended sentence.The court will issue its decision on Monday, June 27.

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