I want “sunburn” in my hair!

at home

The goal is to simulate natural lightening of the hair. Above all, play the natural card: never more than two tones above the base color.
According to Gianni Cuba, artisan hairstylist and founder of R’Factory: “You have to use spray mounir or sticky Lightning can be obtained from the supermarket. The spray is used globally, on wet, washed and towel-dried hair, applied to the upper locks for a very natural effect and the gel to the ends for a topical sunburn effect. be careful ! It only works on natural hair, so it’s not colored.”
If you’re a blonde: “Choose something rather subtle, like a spray, which lightens a shade one to two shades, while the jelly brightens more, by two to three shades.” If you are more brunette, it is also preferable to be natural, but it is better to go to the hairdresser “to avoid bad reflections”.
be careful ! As for chamomile, use it only on natural, childish blonde hair.

What to do and what not to do for Gianni
Detangle your hair well beforehand.
Spray your product and then brush it with a natural bristle brush to distribute the product evenly and thus get a more natural effect.
whose :
Excessive use of the product.
– Go to the sun right after that.
Mix products together.
– Do not use care. Fine hair needs hydration!

in the living room

choose being scanned Of course. Our favorite? The new Shadow Signature sweep from the salons of Lucie Saint-Clair, which will play on contrast, the effect of shadow and light, giving the hair a personality.
The principle: Bet on depth at the roots and the effect of the sun on the lengths.
+: To bring out color and detoxify hair with all its minerals, Balayage Shadow Signature is associated with the Mineral Detox Protocol. The color stays vibrant and long lasting, and the risk of breakage is reduced by 87%.
We really liked: the Lucie Saint Clair Iéna International Show in Paris. Spacious and bright, the experience is very enjoyable. Reception and listening is optimal. Desires, doubts, professional advice and the desire for personal support, here you can ask for everything and dare to raise yourself in complete calm!
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It is absolutely necessary to change your routine and choose “a hair lightening routine. After each shampoo, carry out the treatment systematically. And use the shade correction routine alternately, or every 2-3 shampoos as needed. Remember: Purple shampoo is designed to neutralize yellow reflections. To neutralize orange reflections, blue shampoo will be ideal every 2-3 shampoos. To highlight red on brunettes, use shampoo with green pigments. ”

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