Dive into the emergency room Timone

Summer promises to be eventful in public hospitals. Department heads are already tearing their hair out to fill out schedules. This should necessarily be the most obvious in the emergency room. In Marseille in La Timoney, young doctors with their guards expect difficult days.

Two years after the Covid epidemic disrupted the work of the general hospital, doctors are lost.

At La Timone in Marseille, the situation is particularly dire.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the number of emergency physicians has been halved.

Welcome to the second largest emergency department in France:

Justin, a junior physician, was before the internal crisis”Really with someone above me, I’m the one making the decisions…We know we’re coming into hostile territory because instead of having 30 full-time doctors in the emergency room, we’re half hurt“.

We are afraid of the flow, we are afraid to lose something. To kill people, because our job is not easy. When we make mistakes, we kill people

Justin – Junior Doctor

At La Timone, emergency physicians receive up to 250 people per day in 24 dedicated patient boxes.

Camille, a senior doctor, admits to spending a lot of time on the phone”This is unbearable“.Because you have to give people news and information when they arrive, you have to find places in the hospital.”We spend our day on the phone, too. We should be more with the sick“.

Control stress and super speeds at any cost.

It must be said that in this La Timone service we welcome everyone 24 hours a day, whatever the situation and that is the problem.

Even if 20% of admitted patients don’t come from emergencies, white coats have something to do with it.

According to Celine McGirdichian, head of the emergency department at Timoni:Since the beginning of May, globally we have half the medical staff necessary for the normal operation of our emergenciesCurrently on duty there are four emergency physicians in the front, while ideally there should be nine.

As summer approaches, he is dreading the influx of patients. Everyone goes on vacation, and this is a problem for these services that are already delayed. Medical staff in small departments will inevitably drop “oI’m not sure they’d be able to stay open all summer, stay all summer, at least every day, or even stay at night. “

We found Justin, a junior doctor, with a Turkish patient. She explains the difficulties of language but not only. This patient is trying to use a translation app”But we can’t, the network doesn’t pass“.

The night shift begins at 6:30 p.m. and turns into a 12-hour shift.

The three young doctors, a nurse, and a caregiver assess patients’ illnesses with this constant fear of missing out on any vital emergency.

This evening, the rest is very short as there are seven patients.

According to Dalia, a senior physician, there are usually an average of dozens of patients. This complicates the task of a successor who must incorporate a lot of information at once. “And that is exactly where there is a loss of information which makes things even more difficult“.

The summer period is expected to be particularly risky. So to deal with the increased workload, management is counting on the access of several trauma surgeons to strengthen the workforce.

But doctors are not fooled that this battle plan will not be enough.

In shock, Timone’s emergency workers have been used to it for many years and it’s still insured, but for how long.

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