Cannes 2022 Pictures: 54-year-old Julia Roberts hypnotizes festival-goers with a stunning hairstyle

It’s official, Julia Roberts is coming back strong in 2022 and the Cannes Film Festival isn’t for nothing… At 54, the legendary actress is confirming her status as a beauty icon on the red carpet!

Since 1946, the characters of the seventh art have risen The iconic steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes In their best looks and beauty. In this 75th edition, stars from around the world have made the journey. opportunity for them toShow more glamorous looks than ever. And if we get used to seeing Hairstyles dressed up to nine Like the one Eva Longoria has and tucked her ponytail back in a thousand ways, Julia Roberts proved to us thate Natural also finds its place on the red carpet. Here, we like it! After undergoing pink hair, The heroine of the movie “Pretty Woman” Attracts all eyes in Cannes thanks to Its simplicity is so inspiring !

Cannes 2022: Julia Roberts returns with ease

2022 looks good and real General Julia Roberts. And for good reason, the girl who hasn’t walked the Cannes red carpet since 2016 is back at Croisette this year. For this occasion, the actress stayed Faithful to her image: polished, elegant, spontaneous and natural.What would you be without Julia Roberts? Her devastating smile and her iconic dreamy hair ? sublimation Hairdresser Serge Normant who has been following her for many years, Pretty woman sports Perfectly bouncy curls Just the right size to make more than one woman jealous. subtle gradationShe framed her face perfectly and Small front buckles are lacquered on the sides to avoid not having a small hair in front of his face, When going up the stairs.

At the same time, it shows us that long hair Also hot for women over 50. Wearing a simple jumpsuit by Louis Vuitton, Julia Roberts He caused quite a stir on the Croisette . bonus, Her hair brings a really cool effect to her look, so much so that she almost trumped the XXL diamond necklace from Chopard. in 2022, Julia Roberts proves us in styleNature also has its place on the red carpet. The person who recently She appeared with smooth hairShe rediscovered the hairstyle that made her popular in the early ’90s, and we love it. It remains to be seen who would not dare to make-up in Cannes? There are still a few days left, and the bets are open.

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