Annuity poisoning: ‘It’s terrifying to be accused again’

Jacqueline Perisol Imbert, 92, a merchant widow, a resident of Canet, has been working like a charm according to her relatives. “Lady Mistress. She loved life so much”, The notary adds him.

In November 2014, a day after a family outing, retired Bubbly was hospitalized in a serious condition. She died two days later of septic shock. A priori, nothing abnormal about his age…until his body is exhumed where atropine, a highly toxic molecule, is marked. “45 times the therapeutic value”, A toxicologist testifies.

She was like my grandmother

For the investigating judge, the unborn died of poisoning. Olivier Cappelaere, 59, his protégé and global delegate, is the prime suspect. Wasn’t he convicted of trying to murder Suzanne by poisoning in April 2015, another retiree of Le Canet? He was sentenced in Aix-en-Provence to twenty-five years’ imprisonment on appeal for this crime. Indeed, atropine has been at the center of discussions.

Yesterday afternoon, at the opening of the trial, Olivier Cappelaere spoke before the Assize Court in a rocking voice: “My first thought is to Jacqueline, this woman I loved like my grandmother. She was my mother at heart. Being accused of all this is horrible.”

In 2015 an “unforgivable mistake”

The accused confesses to committing, in 2015, “An unforgivable mistake.” He admits he mixed a few drops of his dog’s eye drops into the mineral water of Susan Bailey, with whom he bought an apartment for life. On the other hand, he denies any malicious act against Jacqueline Imbert.

This file is embedded. Defend the accused. A dissertation wishing to develop his attorney, Me Corinne Dreyfus Schmidt, has been highly offensive since the debates opened. Olivier Cappelaere introduces himself as a close friend of the Peresol couple.

“I was the grandson they didn’t have. They experienced loneliness. I filled their lives in an empty space.” Upon the death of the husband, Olivier Cappelaere remains very close to Jacqueline, to the point of becoming her only heir. Moreover, it is he who calls the emergency services when he just finds out that she is unconscious in her apartment on Rue des Cigales in Le Canet.

The Susan Bailey poisoning case prompted the coroner to investigate Jacqueline Imbert’s death. “She was admitted on suspicion of a respiratory problem. She died of septic shock”The coroner, after examining the remains, concludes two and a half years after the burial. Negative argument according to the defence.

President Emmanuel de Rosa questions a toxicologist: “Do you think Jacqueline Imbert died of atropine poisoning?” : “Yes, obviously. Focus can be deadly.” Can side effects lead to septic shock? The expert is more cautious but does not rule it out.

Very hot courtroom

The victim’s GP had come to the podium earlier to confirm that Jacqueline, though difficult to move, “He didn’t have any major illnesses.” Some rheumatism certain grief since the loss of her husband … is not enough to explain this brutal death.

In a sweltering courtroom, Olivier Cappelaere, with white hair and red cheeks, fanned himself with cardboard on which he wrote some notes. He admitted during the investigation that he helped Jacqueline Perisol Imbert die. Suicide or almost complete crime? The court and jurors have three and a half days to form an intimate conviction.

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