3 tips to reduce hair loss

While hair loss is normal, excessive shedding can be worrying. What are the tips to fix it?

Use proper care

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon caused by the regeneration of hair follicles. However, under the influence of some factors, you may notice abnormal hair loss. This phenomenon usually occurs during certain periods such as pregnancy or menopause. It can also be related to stress, lack of certain nutrients, and most importantly, the use of harsh scalp care. In order to address this, it is necessary to modify certain habits by providing the beneficial nutrients to the scalp. To do this, choose a shampoo for hair loss from the range of products of Vichy laboratories. Anti-hair loss treatments are also available in the form of ampoules or conditioners. Active ingredients such as zinc, vitamin B6 or niacinamide in these products stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. In other words, they are the root of hair regrowth and strengthening.

Otherwise, many natural ingredients are available to you. Castor oil, mustard oil and shikakai powder are some of the main products recommended to combat hair loss. Usually it is enough to use it as a hair mask before your usual shampoo.

Balance your diet

A healthy diet prevents hair loss in the sense that food also provides nutrients. To maintain your hair, prefer foods that contain the above-mentioned nutrients. Zinc is found particularly in shellfish and offal, as well as in some fruits and vegetables. In addition, the consumption of vegetables, dairy products and eggs contribute to an increase in the intake of vitamin B6. In case of excessive hair loss, nutritional supplements can be prescribed in addition to taking care of anti-hair loss. You should also know that water contributes to hair re-growth.

protect your hair

A few good gestures are generally enough to reduce hair loss. Rinsing your hair after swimming in a pool or in sea water, for example, cleans your scalp. To avoid attacking it, limit the use of hair dryers and straighteners. Additionally, let your hair breathe by avoiding tying it up too much. In addition, choose a brush suitable for your hair to gently style it. Especially preferred is the model designed with natural fibers.

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