Who was Ms. Tic, the Parisian street art pioneer who died at 66?

miss. Teck, a leading figure in Parisian street art, died on Sunday in Paris, at the age of 66, after falling ill with an illness. The news on social media is accompanied by a picture of the poet and plastic artist in her studio. In March 2022, the photo shows the artist, regularly shown in France and abroad since 1986, smiling behind her round glasses, with short gray hair. his funeral date Which, according to his wishes, will be open to the public.will be clarified later, according to his official Facebook account.

Borrowing her pseudonym from the witch Miss Tick of Scrooge squadShe has gradually made a name for herself in the world of street art. The new Minister of Culture, Rima Abdel-Malik, expressed on Twitter: Her stencils, which have become an firmly feminist symbol, They will long go on fattening our streets.”

“I had a lot of respect for his career”Confirmed, on Twitter, French street artist C215. Yehia “One of the founders of stencil art.” Artist Jeff Aerosol expressed his pain on Instagram, recalling his shared memories with the artist dating back to the 1980s: “They fought against the disease with courage”.

Who was Ms. Tick?

Born to a Tunisian immigrant father and a Norman mother, Radhia Noafat, her real name, she began creating murals in 1985, on the hill streets of Montmartre where she grew up, Marais, Montourguell and Bute au Cayes, after staying in California. “I came from street theatre, I loved the idea of ​​street art”I explained to AFP in 2011. “First I said to myself: ‘I’m going to write poems,’ and then ‘we need pictures’ with poems. I started with self-portraits, then I followed the direction of other women.”

Its beginnings were marked by many years of hardship and problems with the law, with the mark being considered an act of vandalism. His arrest for property damage in 1997 resulted in a fine. After this episode, she negotiates the urban spaces where she wants to work, refusing to be taken as a delinquent.

A committed feminist, her work has been accompanied by categorical legends. find the sentence “I put a mural to bombard words with hearts” In his first picture shown in the streets of the 14th arrondissement in Paris, or even “A man is a wolf to a man and a coward to a woman” in another job.

“I use contemporary women a lot, the ones we see in fashion, in ads. Sometimes they are not well understood. […] But it is true that we sell what we want with beautiful girls. So I said to myself, “I will put women to sell their hair.”, continued. His art, ephemeral or permanent, ended up attracting major brands in the 2000s, notably Kenzo or Louis Vuitton.

Signed on the movie poster in 2007 The girl is cut in two By Claude Chabrol, participating in the 2010 edition of Little Larus By spelling out words from the French language and creating a set of stamps with La Poste for Women’s Rights Day in 2011.

Some of his work has been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Fund for Contemporary Art of the City of Paris. She will also be one of the artists shown in the fall at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, marking an exhibition retracing forty years of urban art in the capital.

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