This star treatment from Tiktok that makes hair waterproof will save you in rainy weather

At the end of May, the weather moves in and does not spoil us. We do not run away from rain and therefore moisture, aka Our hair’s worst enemy. So far, we haven’t found the miracle solution to avoiding frizz. Unsurprisingly, it is over tik tok We’ve made the best hair finds to maintain our lengths in rainy weather.

Although the product in question has been around for several years, Chris Appleton, the beloved hairstylist of the stars, recently put it on social networks. The video he posted on TikTok soon went viral. Today, it has nearly 14 million views and over 515,000 “likes” mentions. Just that!

Hair care: a real waterproofing agent!

And for good reason, the treatment has a big promise: it makes hair Completely waterproof. So much so that even drops of water slip on the hair, as they slip on a raincoat. The photos revealed by Chris Appleton are impressive and prove the amazing efficacy of the product. It was enough for the TikTok community to create a buzz about this hair spray.

This would be the perfect hair treatment to keep our lengths from rain and humidity when we are prone to frizz. The Color Wow Dream Coat It is real water for hair. As a bonus, it brings a beautiful shine and will last up to 3 shampoos!

chrisappletonhair finally frizz-free waterproof hair 🤟🏽 #dreamcoat @ ♬ original sound – Chrisappleton1

Dream Coat Wow Spray: Correct Use

But how to use this product from hairstylists Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore or Kim Kardashian? After washing your hair, wring it out with a towel and apply Color Wow’s Dream Coat Spray all over your hair. You can then dry it using a hair dryer and a round brush. Amazing result guaranteed!

As Chris Appleton’s video proves, the hair is perfectly smooth, shiny, waterproof and shows no frizz. same water drops decoration It glides over the surface of the hair fiber. Embarrassed !

Of course, like many of the products circulating on TikTok, the hair spray isn’t currently available on Sephora. It remains available on the website Amazon or unique feeling At a price of about thirty euros.

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