The Le Pen: the trendy cake for summer 2022

The low bun had already prevailed over New York Fashion Week last September. It has since been spotted Bella HadidAnd Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner. This season, is the star hairstyle Cannes Film Festival. We’ve seen Julia Roberts, Bernice Bejo or Alessandra Ambrooso wear it on the Croisette.

What is a low bun?

How to define a low bun? It is simply a low knot, worn with flat hair, like the famous elegant cake, or more flexible, for a bohemian effect. Nothing revolutionary then, but a hairstyle full of impact. Especially if you decide to add a little twist to it with braids for example, or with two locks framing the face.

Very easy to achieve, this hairstyle will be ideal especially during hot weather. It will allow us to stay stylish and elegant during a heat wave. What’s Next?

we told you, low bun It does not require you to be an expert in hairdressing.

All you need is a brush, comb, a few bobby pins, rubber bands, and a fixing product for your hair. Depending on your hair type, it can be a styling cream to avoid frizz, a wax to smooth it out well, or just a bit of hairspray. The product you will use also depends on the desired result.

Here’s how to make a file low bun Installed at the back, with a parting in the middle – at the top of the direction:

  • Start by combing your hair back and then separating it in the middle with a comb,
  • Then tie your hair into a low and tight ponytail,
  • Separate the ponytail into two parts and secure the ends of each section with a small transparent elastic,
  • Put a vertical pin in the rubber band and roll a section to form the cake, before attaching the clamp,
  • Do the same with the second section,
  • Pop some threads to hide the pins.

This is ! Note: If you have thick or thick hair, you will likely need more bobby pins.

The advantage of the low bun is that this hairstyle goes with everything. In the evening, she will tolerate a more pronounced make-up. This would be the perfect hairstyle to wear with the back in. Feel free to add some accessories to pimp your hairstyle like a pearl barrette for example.

During the day, a low bun would be perfect with a Fresh and natural makeup, similar to Hailey Bieber. Mascara, a bit of gloss and highlighter and you’re on top of the trend.

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