Masvidal responds to Michel Pereira: “He used his wife for a check …”

MMA – Jorge Masvidal is not a fan of Michelle Pereira’s methods of getting a match against him.

This weekend, at UFC Fight Night 206, Michel Pereira faced Santiago Ponzenibio. The top-five contender for the Brazilian, who had a very close fight to win by split decision. So Pereira will appear in the top 15 middleweight this week. Looking up, he named two names after his win: Nate Diaz (like everyone else) and Jorge Masvidal. Regarding the latter, Pereira had a funny story to tell. “Gamebred” was going to send a special message to his wife, specifically an emoji.

Let’s be honest, from the start, this story seemed far fetched. A way to justify a match against He’s still one of the biggest names in MMA despite his three straight defeats. Jorge Masvidal took the time to respond to Michelle Pereira via Twitter, Share a snapshot of his conversation with the Brazilian’s wife. We see that this is actually from a response to an Instagram story from Masvidal, congratulating him. Georgi then responded to Gina Amir with thanks.

Then Jorge Masvidal wrote: “How crazy the world is and how downhill society is for this idiot Michelle Pereira to use his wife in hopes of getting a check someday, to create a false narrative to confront me? While he can clearly see that she came in a private letter. I wish you all the best. #maritalcounsellor ».

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A possible duel?

Masvidal is currently number 8 in the division. His three defeats, twice against Camaro Usman and then against Colby Covington, have slowed the hype that has surrounded him lately. But the Cuban-born is still a UFC superstar. So Michel Pereira knows what he’s doing with his claim. We can expect Demolidore to take 14th place from Ponzenebio in the standings. Thus, the duel between the two men is not so crazy, and will at least provide a great match for Masvidal.

But this person is generally only looking for completely “bankable” opponents. Pereira still has five wins in a row, but it doesn’t seem (yet) to interest Jorge Masvidal, who accuses him of looking for the check. So we doubt seeing this opposition at the moment, but the seed of discord is planted between the two men.

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