He beats his companion, then the four police officers who arrested him on the side of the road, in Orléans

It was his dangerous driving that first caught the attention of motorists. Which monitored the violence inside the car and alerted the police.

In front of their two-and-a-half-year-old son

And at the edge of the RD2020 motorway, in the Saint-Marceau area of ​​Orléans, Younes were arrested by agents on Wednesday, May 18. In the presence of his companion who slapped him and pulled by his hairand their two-and-a-half-year-old son who witnessed the scene.

In the criminal court, on Monday, May 23, this 27-year-old Russian citizen, in an irregular situation, did not refute his guilt, nevertheless presented the nuances of presenting the facts: “She wanted to get out of the car while we were driving I grabbed her by the clothes and grabbed her hair at the same time“.

His girlfriend is defending him

To specify:

“I slapped him or two in the cheek. If I had kicked him, I would have broken his jaw…”

Yunus (warned)

In fact, it is Incredibly petite woman defended her athletic companionin the pub.

“I was upset becauseHe was talking about having a second girlfriend. I was so angry and wanted to get off while driving. He followed me, and I hit him first. That’s when he hit me.”

the victim (empty)

Why are there so many domestic violence cases before the Court of Orleans?

“Slapping is violence”

And the couple didn’t convince President Elsa David: “Slaps are strikes and violence. You understand that ? ”

And the prosecutor, who provoked the screams of the neighbours, did not introduce a woman “under the influence of her companion.”

Four policemen were injured

Yunus also appeared as he violently resisted the four police officers who were arresting him, forcing them to pull the Taser before handcuffing him: Kicks to the legs and stomach, shoulder pain for a day from ITT, cuts to the face or hand, scrapes …None of the officers escaped unscathed. Yunus also showed scratches at the end of the scrum.

“My leg reacted and kicked him due to the electrocution…”

Yunus (empty)

The court sentenced him Six months in prison, remained in detention. He will have to pay 400 euros in compensation to each of the police officers. Furthermore, he is subject to a banishment order.

Caroline Buzek

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