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Oddly enough, in the countless films chronicling the breakup of love, few are interested in the question of the look and its potentially devastating effect. Let’s take two lovers, in a restaurant, their eyes are full of stars. One surprises the other as he stares hard at a third person. Suddenly, discomfort or suspicion began. Don Juanby Serge Bozon (FranceAnd Mrs. Hyde), which will be released in theaters on May 23 and is under selection at Cannes Première, examining the little thing that changes everything. Separation because of a look? The wonderful atmosphere of this melodrama, co-written by Axel Robert, is carried by three unexpected actors: Virginie Evra, Tahir Rahim and Alan Schamfort. The first scene was intriguing and very successful, as Tahir Rahim appears in front of his mirror, testing different melodies on the phone, as if his character was choosing the soundtrack, already knowing the course of his destiny. His movements announce the texture of the film, the musical, with some singing and dancing scenes (designed by Christian Rizzo).

One of the movie’s greatest ideas is to assign Virginie Evira the task of embodying different women

Laurent (Tahir Rahim) waits for Julie (Virginie Evra) for their wedding. They do the same thing, theater actors. She’s late, he leans out the window to watch her arrive, but he sees another woman on the street and he’s still glued to her. Julie, who is just getting close, discovers the scene, is amazed, then slowly turns around. She won’t put the ring on her finger. Later, she will sing: “Why do men so happily look elsewhere? Why do life go awry in a little detail?”

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Julie disappears, leaving Laurent in limbo. He becomes obsessed with Julie, and sees her everywhere, as a redhead, as a brunette, with curly hair, and even as a French teacher, accompanying her students to discover Don Juan At Théâtre de Granville (Manche), on the Normandy coast. Note that Laurent himself plays Don Juan, directed by an eccentric young woman (singer Jenny Beth). A high school student says this sentence: “In the room, Don Juan continues to cultivate women, but no woman is cultivating him?”

Perfectly tuned mechanics

One of the great ideas of the film is to assign Virginie Evira the task of portraying different women as Jolie’s character which greatly annoys Laurent—by the way, under her wig Evira and her icy air refer to other women. Film heroines, such as Jane Morrow in The bride was wearing black (1968), by Truffaut. Laurent tries to seduce each of these beauties and also takes pisses. Certain scenes of heavy sailing, singing, political and comedic influence, emerge in a post-#metoo context. “But what, I can’t buy you a little haircut?” »Laurent gets angry in front of a woman who pushes him away or even toward another: “Most people are sad, your smile is terrorist.”

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