8 tips for healthy hair

Change of season, stress, poor diet, chlorine, salt, UV rays… External factors abound for our hair during the summer period. In order to minimize them on the scalp and lengths, the editorial team has long applied natural tricks. We also want to remind you regularly: there is no need to destroy yourself with artificial cosmetics, nature has already planned everything! Do you want to restore healthy hair? Here are 8 tips to follow.

1 – Get enough sleep and eat a balanced diet

Simple and effective: sleep well. You will see that the app This trick will change your life in many points. Start with the good health of your hair mass! We can add to this good habit Doing regular physical activity.

2 – Cut the ends regularly

Please note that you are not required to cut 5cm each time. But if you notice split ends or very dry ends, feel free to trim. This will allow Stimulating hair growth on the scalp and (re)starting on a sound footing.

3 – Use hair products based on CBD

There are a growing number of CBD hair care products on the market. Otherwise, some people simply go to a site like cibdol.fr to Buy high quality CBD oil and apply it directly to their hair. Among the claimed benefits:

  • Rich in amino acids and fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, CBD oil Strengthens hair, helps it grow, reduces hair loss and stimulates microcirculation from the scalp.
  • Rich in antioxidants (Vitamin E, A and minerals), hemp provides calcium and magnesium. in the key? Protects hair from harmful external factors. The capillary mass is more lustrous and vibrant.
  • Finally, the cannabinoids found in hemp help Regulates the secretion of sebum on the scalp. Hair is hydrated but no longer greasy!

4- Make homemade masks between shampoos

Homemade mask for oily, dry and colored hair that lacks vitality or volume … There is a homemade mask based on natural ingredients for all your needs! We recommend doing at least 1 per week For long lasting results.

5- Use apple cider vinegar as a mask and/or rinse

that it’The star ingredient for healthy hair. It brings shine, accelerates growth, prevents the phenomenon of oily hair and is also anti-dandruff! Thanks to the minerals and trace elements (magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium) that it consists of. Don’t worry about the smell: it disappears as soon as the hair dries!

We advise you to use it in the rinse water or as a mask: 100 ml of apple cider vinegar vs 500 ml of lukewarm water. Dip your hair generously in the mixture, tie a wet towel over your head and leave for 15 minutes. Wash your hair and then rinse it with very cold water to tighten the hair dandruff. Finally, let it air dry for a more visible result.

6- Learn how to comb your hair properly

You think you have mastered this gesture? It’s a safe bet that you’ll be surprised. First decision: Don’t brush your wet hair once you’ve finished taking a shower. This hurts them a lot more than if you did it when they were dry or almost dry. If you are afraid of knots, Be generous with detangling When washing hair with shampoo.

Do not brush your hair more than twice a day (Morning and evening) It is preferable to do this upside down. This allows Distribute the oil that protects your hair And eliminate more residues and particles accumulated during the day.

7- Protect them as much as possible from the heat

Hair dryer, straightener or curler, sun … Hair honestly doesn’t like heat very much ! For all equipment (hair dryer, iron…) know this The proteins in the fibers begin to degrade around 140°C. Trouble when you know that most irons reach 200°C…

Same instructions for your hair dryer: Stay in motion and avoid vents that focus on the flow of hot air. Mandatory preventive spray …

8 – Don’t tie your hair down and avoid the color sequence

Your hair needs to breathe! Tying them repeatedly breaks the fibers And it gives your hair a bad look, as well as you Cause pain in the skull. So tie them up as little as possible in favor of hairstyles to counteract the heat, but not aggressive for your hair.

If you are used to coloring and/or highlighting, At least stop by during the summer season. The chemicals in the mixtures dry out significantly and weaken the fibers. If we add, as a bonus, bathing agents (salt and chlorine) and strong summer UV rays, we get a mix of the most explosive hair types. Let’s give them a vacation…

By following these 8 essential tips, you will notice a noticeable change in the condition of your hair. Healthier, you’ll be shinier, more resilient and probably grow faster. You will also avoid dandruff, itching, and other scalp discomforts.

If you have other natural tips to share for your hair care, we are waiting for you on our forums to share with the community!

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