Val-de-Marne: At “House around” we support cancer patients during and after treatment

“Oh dear. It worked so well on my perfectly tensed body.” Carol rolls her eyes when she thinks of her appointment with an orthopedist, taken on opening day, at the headquarters of the “La Maison autour” association, in Nogent-sur-Marne.

On Friday, 49-year-old Fontenaysienne, who has struggled with breast cancer since September 2021, returned for an art therapy course, before heading to a phosphorology session. “Before that I was speed. I’m a former dancer and with the disease you feel like you’re no longer in control of your body, she explains, and she wears a black scarf on her head to hide hair loss. It’s weird but my body has stuck to it.”

Hearing this, Violin Djean, founder and president of the association, smiles in remission from her cancer. “I found that supportive care helped me a lot, as this pseudoscientist explains who has observed that many patients do not necessarily have the means to pay for a session or have not considered certain practices. They are important for morale and are budget. In no case should they replace treatment . »

Nogent-sur-Marne, Friday morning. Next door president Violin Djean discusses with Coralie, who has breast cancer, after an art therapy session.

These treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both physically and mentally harmful. Suddenly, the founder spoke to her friend Elizabeth Bosetti, a municipal councilor (SE) in Nogent-sur-Marne, who has worked for 30 years in the medical world.

“I immediately thought of the urologist and president of the Autour du patient 94, Frédéric Thibault, who allowed us to take over the ground floor of his headquarters, opposite the Armand Brillard Clinic, rue Watteau,” summarizes Elizabeth Bosetti, treasurer of the association also that benefits from the building, Monday All day and Friday morning.

Specialists, “all volunteers” identify the two women, and allow patients wherever they are to access social and aesthetic care, appropriate physical practices, orthopedics, art therapy, and physiology. All for free in a warm environment with neutral colors, beautiful wooden floors and access to a wooded area. The perfect way to find a little serenity.

“We hope to welcome a naturopath, a plantar reflexologist and music therapist,” explains Violin Djean, who does not want to replace the work of doctors and oncologists in any way. We want to accompany the patient, man or woman, during and after treatment. Moreover, these The period is not easy, you may feel lost, and find it difficult to resume your normal life.”

Sophrology “to work on muscular and mental pain”

Sophology, for example, allows you to work on muscular and mental pain, explains Claude Sonalier, a stomatologist who works on visualization and breathing, before referring to her experience: “She was sick, afraid of injections, able to gradually manage tension and pain. In the end she did not You don’t feel pain anymore.The practitioner gives the tools and keys which can then be used on a daily basis if desired.

Art therapy also reconnects in a different way. “We express what we feel on the paper. There I thought of a board that I redesigned adding other elements. I didn’t think of anything anymore. I didn’t understand why I tied the elements up!” “It was so cool,” another patient spontaneously released, preferring to remain anonymous.

Since its opening, about fifteen people have already contacted the association. Violin Djean concluded: “We are in luxury. This is meant to be a place of exchange, of meeting, of less loneliness.”

To contact “The House around”: or via email: [email protected]

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