Twenty mayors of Lyon and Rhone sign a podium against the burkini

This is one of the most divisive topics in French society.

Last week, EELV Mayor for Grenoble, Eric Peul, held a city council vote on new bylaws for the city’s swimming pools. The latter especially allows women who want to wear a burkini to go swimming.

In response, the LR head of the Auvergne region, Rhone-Alpes, promised to cut all subsidies to the Alpine capital. But he’s not the only one who has been highly critical of Eric Biol’s decision.

This weekend, about two dozen mayors for the city of Lyon and the county of Rhone signed a forum at JDD to denounce the situation. “Grenoble’s mayor’s decision to authorize the burkini raises one of those controversies that regularly please us in cities led by the far left.“They began in unison accusing environmentalists.”methodically destroying the norms of our society and dividing it further“.

As elected local officials, and public officials, we say it here with great force and conviction: to allow the burkini to be worn is an unprecedented moral capitulation.,” continued Pierre Oliver, LR Mayor of Lyon’s 2nd arrondissement, and Sebastien Michel, LR Ecully Mayor.

The latter two are the ones who wrote this column with a joint signature by their counterparts, especially on the right. they write : “At a time when Afghanistan has seen the return of the Taliban, forcing women to wear the burqa and arousing the legitimate indignation of the whole world, how can we tolerate that the elected representatives of the French Republic accept, and worse, legitimize the militant who wears it? Clothes intended to conceal the female body for religious reasons in public?“.

Finally, customers promise to do it all.”So that these measures do not affect the Lyon metropolitan area“.


  • Sebastien Michel, Mayor of Écully
  • Pierre Oliver, Mayor of Lyon 2, Auvergne Regional Councilor Rhône-Alpes
  • Olivier Araujo, Mayor of Charlie
  • Lucien Barge, Mayor of Junage, Chancellor of the Capital
  • Pascal Blashy, Mayor of Lyon, 6th Counsellor of the capital
  • Jeremy Priud, Mayor of Bron, Delegate to Regional Counsellor
  • Sandrine Shader, Mayor of Crapon, Urban Councilor
  • Pascal Charmot, mayor of Tassin-la-Demi Lune, member of the Metropolitan Council
  • Philip Cochet, Mayor of Calwer and Coeur, Counsellor of the Capital
  • Claude Cohen, Mayor of Munnes, member of the Metropolitan Council
  • Véronique DÉCHAMPS, Mayor of La Mulatière, regional advisor
  • Lawrence Vautra, Mayor of Desaine Charpiot, Vice President of the Regional Council
  • Marilyn Millais, Mayor of Saint-Genis-Laval, Regional Counsellor
  • Jerome Moreauge, Mayor Pierre Bennett, Regional Adviser
  • Renaud PFEFFER, Mayor of Mornan, Vice President of the Regional Council
  • Clotilde POUZERGUE, Mayor of Oullins, City Council Member
  • Christophe Quinault, Mayor of Mezieu, Chancellor of the Metropolitan
  • Michel Rantonenet, Mayor of Franceville, Member of the Metropolitan Council
  • Véronique SARSELLI, Mayor of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, member of the Metropolitan Council
  • Catherine Staron, Mayor of Forlis, Regional Counsellor
  • Gilbert Suchet, Mayor of Montagne
  • Patrice Vercher, Mayor of Corse, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Vice-President of the Rhône Province
  • Paul Vidal, Mayor of Tosio, Delegate Regional Adviser
  • Max Vincent, Mayor of Limonest, Chancellor of the Capital
  • Julian Vollemard, Mayor of Vernison, Regional Counsellor


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