This is the three rings technique

Last year, our editors brought you the hair contouring method, a method that has become a trend that allows you to accentuate the face like a haircut. The technique consists of using lighter and darker shades in order to enhance the facial features and give them a three-dimensional effect. Definitely a technology that takes a lot of time and can be expensive. What if we told you that there is already a hairdressing tip at home that can give the same results in 10 minutes at the most and cost nothing? Discover this visual effect that will help you highlight three key areas of your face to better frame it. Equipment needed: Only 3 items you already have. explanations.

The “three curls” technique or hairstyle trick that enhances all faces: What is it?

Whether it’s for a last-minute meeting or a teleconference, styling your hair won’t take long. However, many women spend long minutes, even hours, in front of the mirror in order to find the perfect hairstyle that purifies and enhances the face. And if it’s curls or waves, it’s even worse! So what do you do when you are in a hurry and only have 10 minutes at the most? You are adopting the “three rings” technique! What is it exactly?

Quick and easy styling tip that enhances the 3-ring technology for all faces

The “three curls” technique offers a type of hairstyle that slims the face while highlighting three specific areas of the profile: eyes, cheekbones and jawline. Thus, the tip of this hairstyle can accentuate the look, enhance the cheekbones and give the illusion of a bigger smile. Its biggest advantage? First, it fits all faces. And secondly, it is a quick and easy way to hack a hairstyle that uses only three tools: a comb, hairspray and a curling iron. In short, this curling technique shapes the face and accentuates certain facial features, especially thanks to the movement of the locks. But who is its creator?

A hairstyle that refines the face enhances facial features Tip hairstyle for women

Credit goes to British professional hairstylist Faith Dorrit who posted a video on her TikTok account. The latter shows the young woman comparing the two halves of her head and asking her subscribers to tell the difference. On one hand, her hair looks airy and loose while the other is accentuated by wavy waves done on the three specific areas we mentioned above: eyes, cheeks, and jawline.

The long hair with the three rings technique highlights all face shapes

At the request of several subscribers who have shared their amazing reactions in the comments, Faith Dorrit has decided to offer a tutorial to explain how this essential technique fits into the daily routines of overburdened women.

How is the “three rings” technique performed at home?

Curl the hair with the hair straightening technique of the three rings hairstyle at home to enhance the face

We are pleased that Faith Dorrit provides fully detailed explanations of the implementation of the Three Rings Technique. First, take the first section of hair flanking the left side of your face and comb it carefully. Spray some hairspray and comb the hair again. Next, wrap the wick around the curling iron three times and around the back of the mani, taking care that the tip of the tool is facing down. In this way, the hollows of the curls will be located exactly at the level of the facial features that you want to highlight, ie the eyes, cheekbones and the corner of the lips.

Wait a few seconds before releasing the frizz lock and allow it to cool well before styling with a flat brush. Do the same with the wick on the other side of the parting. That’s it, nothing complicated!

The tip of a medium length hairstyle with the three loops curling technique

Even though your stylist achieves this hairstyle trick with a curling iron, a regular straightener will probably do the trick. We invite you to try to share your experience with our editors. And if you’re a beginner, learn how to curl hair with a straightener by clicking on the pink link.

Keep in mind that in order to have beautiful hair and therefore a stylish hairstyle, it is important to take care of your mane regularly. Moisturizing the scalp and hair with natural products is essential to enjoy a healthy and shiny mane!

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