the television. A haircut that makes you ten years younger, it’s possible

“A haircut completely changes a face,” says Nicola Waldorf, star hairstylist at M6 “Incroyables transformations,” who has just released a book, which is kind of a bible for those who want to style their hair well and “have style.”

. I wanted to post a guide so people feel less deprived at their hairdresser. Women don’t know how to express themselves in the living room! “, he continued.

Square ? Square sink? Short haircut? Many people think they know what is right for them, but they are often wrong. Poetry is also the only thing we can enjoy with a lot of variations. Stiffness, tie, color… You can’t redo your nose overnight, but change your haircut for a new life, yes.”

tell me what to wear…

Nicolas Waldorf, who has his salon in Paris, interrupted: “I know immediately what suits a person depending on the jewelry he wears, the gait, the pants, and I know very well what style you have and how bold you can go.”

But the strange thing is that in 2022, “we dared no more than before”: “Today, the cult of the image has grown so much that women are afraid to take risks. Only stars who change their haircuts panic on the Web and affect them. “

If they didn’t dare it any more than before, the products themselves had evolved and specifically, there would be less risks … “Colors have evolved. Today, we can make crazy blondes. The products are less offensive or penetrating.”

The devices used in hairdressing have also improved: straightening irons, for example, adapt to the hair. This is the machine that adjusts the temperature automatically. “In the 2000s, fashion was tough. Some women with alopecia ended up literally burning their hair while straightening it,” emphasizes the hairstylist.

10 or even 15 years

The right haircut also makes you look “10 or even 15 years younger,” continues the expert. No, no, you are not dreaming. “The face can be smoothed by styling. Movement gives smoothness, and the parting on the side smooths the face. The wavy side (wavy hair located between smooth hair and curly hair) smoothes the features, while the straight side empties the face and does not fill it.

And white hair then? “Hunting is no longer relevant,” notes Nicola Waldorf. “Now, we even bleach some of the hair of women who want white hair! It’s a wonder.” White hair is thicker, thicker, larger and more rebellious. In women, it appears first at the level of the crown and at the level of the temples in men.

White hair is a real nightmare for the majority of women, it has become fashionable in recent years. In fact, “The one who leans is the one who takes responsibility. It’s the attitude that matters!”, concludes the hair expert. So, are you ready to stop hiding your roots?

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“You have an appointment ?” By Nicola Waldorf, 194 pages, €19.95.

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