Miss Teck, a woman cut in two is no more

The sad news fell on the account of the famous street artist on Instagram. Queen of stencils, miss. Teck passed away today, May 22. She was 66 years old.


In the 1980s, black and white photos of Major Miss Tic appeared on the walls of some popular Parisian neighborhoods. The nickname for little Parigote whose dubious beginnings remind us of those of Baby Piaf (or that of another Miss, originally from Enghien-les-Bains: Mistinguett) is an easy pun, stemming from the Disney character’s name from the Scrooge McDuck comics. Easy word game, such as its titles or speech bubbles for its characters. But were those of Duchamp any less dangerous?

We noticed some of his texts at the time: “No Show, 1901 Law, No Forbidden, After Stories to Sleep Standing, Stories for Sleeping Outside, I Love Men with Amazement, Man is a Woman’s Past, Allowed to Rebuild, I Liked Dream So Much, From Father to Worst, Do With me what I want, the girl is cut in two. ”

Chinese ink

Its stencils are recognizable among everyone, although formats, supports and technologies are different. True, the motifs are almost always the same: the brunette brooches with which the artist was inclined to identify. Aphorism, Ben style, verse, comment, note, moral. And of course the artist’s signature: miss point tic. Not dot com. The exhibition at the Guillon-Laffaille Gallery, Messine Street, seen in 2008, included two distinct series: one, BCBG, made famous by its 4×3 posters for the film Chabrol The girl is cut in two, based on black acrylic on gray and pink backgrounds; The other, dirtier and more interesting, aesthetically speaking, on rusty, bolted, bolted metal sheets, laminated with wood, with yellow patterns on a gold or oxidized background, reminiscent of Warhol’s “pee boards”.

The art of Miss.Tic, the art of reproduction, sure, but on a literal scale, is (very) applied. by all mean of the word. She joins the comics, we got it. Especially talented in Indian ink like Milton Kanniff. The artist’s lettering is unique: his inscriptions can be read from a distance, hardened and shaded in large letters, increasingly thin and sharp. Sometimes they needed two coats of paint. Pictures from fashion magazines. Except that all of these girls are just one, perfect or perfect, beautiful brunette in a sexy Agnès B. dress, always with a low cut, extra-long hair and battle order.

The date of his funeral is not yet known. They will, according to his wishes, be open to the public.

Visual: Miss.Tic was unexpectedly captured photographing the window of the Guillon-Laffaille Gallery © Nicolas Villodre, 2008.

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