Audrey Dana: The 10 Beauty and Well-Being Essentials

Actress, director, and writer Audrey Dana loves committed and engaging projects. So when we ask her about her beauty routine, which is eco-friendly at heart, she’s inexhaustible and organic. Guide…

Audrey Dana is involved in protecting the environment Natural and organic enthusiast In her clothes, her diet, and her choice of cosmetics. The one who grew up in Orleans, came from the theatre. An actress, she is also a director. Theatre, Feature Film for Cinema, Feature and TV Series, Driven by Only Desire. In the cinema, She has appeared in several feature films: “Extraordinary Caravan” by Bertrand Blair, “The Truth If It Lies! The Beginnings” of Michel Mons and Gerard Beaton, “Father’s Career” by Jean-Pierre Amires, and most recently “Human Things” by Ivan Attal, which was selected for the Venice Film Festival.

in the TV, She recently played a role in “Le voyageur” ​​with Eric Cantona on France 3, in the series “Pour Sarah” on TF1, and in the disturbing series “L’ami qui n’existe pas” by Nicolas Cauchy in France 2. In 2019, A new exercise for Audrey with the release of her first novel “Fa(m)ille” which was written as an extension of her show “Indociles”. She releases her third feature film as a director, “Men on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” with Thierry Lermitt, Ramzi Pedia and François-Xavier Demaison, May 25, 2022. She will also appear in André Téchiné’s new film, Les pieds sur terre. In the meantime, Audrey Dana offers us all her beauty secrets…

1. Her skin care routine

“I’ve discovered Patyka products that I love because they’re light, don’t feel like it, and because they’re 100% organic I’m sure I won’t have a reaction! In the morning I use Hydra-Booster Serum, then the soothing Hydra Rich Cream.

It’s also good, several times (I’d say 3 a week) for Dilute some apple cider vinegar in a water bottle and put some on a cotton ball. I wash my face withIt makes all blackheads go away, it’s excellent for skin health (and not only…). »

2. Treating her body

“Coconut oil is great for the body and face and also protects against sunburn!”

3. Take care of her lip and her hand

“On the lips, and only when it’s really necessary, I put A small drop of propolis cream. It’s amazing, and it really gets fixed!!!!

For hands, and only when necessary as well, since in the end with my day creams I really nourish a lot, I use Cosméto Ré, an organic donkey’s milk cream. »

4- Her favorite perfume

“Frédéric Malle … destructive musk. I fell in love with the perfumes of this creator, the only man who attributes noses to the bottle!”

5. Her DIY Plan

You can make your own shampoo Or your own deodorant easily. It is enough to have Baking soda, essential oils, vegetable oils and a little vitamin E. There are a lot of recipes, it is worth looking for them to find the aromas and substances that you like best. one thing is certain, The less you wash your hair, the betterI rinse them often with water. And on top, put a little apple cider vinegar in a bottle of water and rinse it one last time. Well, this is a strange smell, but don’t worry, it will only last a few minutes. The result is crazy! Plus, like everything nature gives us, it nourishes in depth! But be careful, the vinegar must be organic, and the vinegar that has sediment is at the bottom of the bottle! »

6. Her Hair Ritual

“I use Elénature Moisturizing Shampoo, 100% organic, washes well and does not damage my hair!!! The hydrating gel conditioner works great even though my hair is very long so it is not easy to detangle. Finding good hair products that work organically is often a thing. Tough, and this is one of them!

I don’t do more colors! Not only do I kill my hair, but what I throw into the water is tragic for the earth! Hence our hair is not an inert substance, sometimes I have the impression that they are antennae! So I no longer cover them, I no longer hide them. Since I’ve been doing this and I no longer use any chemicals. They pay (while they had a limit before). And then my first white hair arrived, I love the passage of time, I love the transition it represents… I never want it to go away.

I have an SOS treatment: castor oil. So be careful, it’s very greasy, and very thick, so I heat it up in Marie’s bath first until it becomes more liquid. I put it on the ends of my hair, on the roots, brush it on for a long time, and keep it on for as long as possible. Then just two shampoos are enough to make it all go away. Not only does it moisturize deeply, but it also makes hair grow, and if we add in a little clary sage EO, it’s even better! I always end up putting a little on my eyelashes and massaging my nails. Because if it strengthens the hair, it is good for the nails! »

7. Her Make-up Desires

“Fred Mecene’s Le bio de tint foundation, which I don’t apply evenly on the face, but in touches. I never wear mascara, and my favorite lipstick is Le Rouge Sec de Couleur Caramel.

for The secret to my healthy glow is Biosalines Gold Dropsgood looking dry oil with golden seaweed, I add a little more to my day cream, it’s beautiful….

Finally, I have a golden rule: as little makeup as possible, always followed by a spray of rose water to make the little that’s there penetrate and appear more natural. »

8- Her Fitness Secrets

” I like Meditation !! Well, well, it’s not a sport, so I would say…yoga, running, swimming. All of these activities separate my mind, and put me into a form of “ecstasy” from which I always come out stronger.

In terms of food, it’s simple, I avoid wheatAnyway, the thing we’re making right now that’s giving me massive infections. I also avoid animal products, first because I feel better, and then because it’s really one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions. I admit, I eat eggs and chicken sometimes. But what about cheese, red meat, charcuterie, etc… Try it, it will do good for everyone! And your body will be the first to thank you! »

9. Her Anti-Stress Trick

“Hold the heart. It’s magic. If I’m nervous, I’ll breathe slowly, like I’m fine, and miraculously, I’m better! It works every time. Breathing is life.”

10. Rants Him

“There’s so much to say! Because we’re into beauty, I’d like to say it All these products are supposed to make us beautiful and intoxicate us ! They upset our hormones, harm our skin and the rest (30% of what we eat goes through the skin). And when we get hurt, it’s always with products that are also harmful to the earth. Buying ethical brands means taking care of ourselves and the planet! It’s a wonderful utopia. »

Image credits: Laure Bonal

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