“You’ve got 50 brooms, and you’re on your own like a bitch.” But it might be better than that with an idiot.”

Written by Stefania Russell

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I was twenty years old when the Miss France commission decided to organize the Miss Midi-Pyrenees election here, in Villefranche-de-Rouerges. The problem is that no girls from the city showed up in the competition. Alain, the organizer on the site, still tells himself that it is a bit stupid to organize something and not have a candidate from Villefranche. I, it is true that with my father’s business in the structural steel industry, I was not very well known here. So Jean-Paul, a friend of Alain, with whom I knew very well, came to see me: “Come on, Stephanie, sign up! – Hear me out. I want to participate but who’s on the jury? Because I don’t want to be elected.” Sequins, heels, it wasn’t that thing. The thing was the sport. It was basketball. I was doing the French leagues, all of that. I had short hair. I wasn’t a Barbie, I didn’t have blue eyes. “But yeah, don’t worry, I’m subscribed Jury, we’ll make sure you don’t get elected.” Well, you didn’t miss it. I found myself Miss Midi-Pyrenees. what the hell? I’m here to Euro Disney for the Miss France preparatory session. But also at the dog show there are fashion shows and go to parties where there are only old schnocks. What the hell was I doing there? Well, I didn’t win, but I doubted it.

“My husband went with me because I was a woman. I was a beauty queen

At about the same time I met my husband. He went with me because I was a woman. You miss. We got married, and I was 26 years old. I gave birth to my baby very quickly. But once the baby turned 6 months, I decided to get a separate room. Because he went out a lot, went to clubs, and drank. I knew he was going to look elsewhere and I didn’t want to shit, no, but oh! Two or three times he came home drunk and tried to break down my door for sex. It was very violent, what I experienced. I weighed 45 kilos when I met him and went up to 110 kilos, so I wasn’t quite right with him. “You’re a big cow, you’re a bitch, you’re worth nothing.” He spent his time telling me. And that for sixteen years – until he left with another younger one.

side life

Stephanie Fejoy has been sleeping on her couch since she was depressed.

My father was a womanizer too. Elegance, when I was 12, told me about all his romantic adventures. On my mother’s birthdays and on Christmas he gave me his card and said: “Well, come on, you’re going to buy your mom a gift, anyway, I don’t like her.” And why was he staying with her? Because he was like so many men, he didn’t want to be alone. But, in the end, my dad and I got along just fine. Apparently, I look a lot like her mother, I have few of the same personality traits. I worked with him in structural steel works. I did the calculations, the hiring, and all the paperwork, I loved it. But when I had my kids, my dad didn’t realize I had become a mother, and that I had a side life. I didn’t want to bother him, so I just kept working. I saved, as they say, goats and cabbage. My children, I did not see them, were spending ten hours a day with the nanny. Then the business began to lose revenue, and my father did not listen to my advice. It was complicated between us. We ended up being forced to liquidate. And in court, my dad didn’t even wear his balls to say he was as responsible as I was in all of this. He preferred to blame me for everything. For a very long time after that, whenever I saw him, I vomited or had diarrhea. As is the case with my husband.

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