How do you match the trendy color that tolerates the brown man?

Expensive blonde, steel hair or even nectar blonde: trendy hair colors of 2022 have a lot to surprise us with. These luminous hues give blonde hair a new boost and continue to gain a following among celebrities. But what about brunettes? What is the main color that will sublimate the brown heads early this spring? Highlighting hazelnut hair color to welcome sunny days with sunshine and heat in a mane! Why is it going up? For whom is this ? How do you wear it? What about maintenance? Follow us to find out how to make this trendy color your own.

Hazelnut Hair Color: The Shade That Makes the Brown Guy Sunny

Thanks to its luminous and colorful reflections, the color “Hazelnut” is definitely on the rise and promises to become the perfect shade for spring. But why exactly does it have this dark tone to celebrate the return of sunny days and not the sunny shade? We give you two reasons for this: first, brown tones will be in the spotlight in the hair color trend for spring-summer 2022. And second, this warm color won’t exhaust your hair much compared to blonde.

Trendy hazelnut hairstyles for spring/summer 2022

Here’s why our editors urge you not to lighten your hair this spring, but instead opt for a hazel color. As its name suggests, it is a hazelnut color that can acquire various shades including dark chestnut with many warm reflections such as honey, gold or caramel. This trendy hair color with shimmering highlights promises to illuminate the mane and make summer come faster! Yes, hazelnut hair has it all.

Hazel hair color, who is it for?

New hair color trends Karlie Kloss hazelnut hair color

For everyone…or almost! One of the biggest benefits of honey hair color is its ability to warm most skin tones. However, it is especially suitable for dark-skinned women who seek to sport a chestnut color with a natural effect.

What if your skin is pale? No problem ! There are really no contraindications that prevent transparent skin from enjoying this trendy hair color. According to hairdressers, hazelnut hair coloring will warm up fair skin while giving it vitality.

Trendy hazelnut hair color Karlie Kloss hazelnut

Hazelnut hair color is also excellent for women with angular faces because unlike cool colors that strengthen features, it softens them.

Finally, this warm and sunny shade is for all ages! Whether you are a young girl or a more mature woman, don’t ever hesitate to surrender to the magic of Hazel!

Hazelnut hair color highlights new brown hair color trends for 2022

Have you decided to go from blonde to brown and chose the color hazel in particular? Excellent decision! But how exactly do you wear it? Good news: There are several options available to you. First of all, we recommend that you pair your honey hair with one of the trendy haircuts for Spring/Summer 2022 that we will be seeing everywhere in the coming months. Whether it’s an octopus cut, a mexi or a ’90s haircut… this trendy hair color is suitable for long and short hair.

Hazelnut hair color with what hairstyle spring summer 2022

What are the other ways to style your hazel hair? So how about light, soft waves to accentuate the glamorous touches of this popular color? One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to sleep with two braids, but not too tight, and then untie them in the morning. Guaranteed healthy glow effect!

Hazelnut hair color with what hairstyle spring summer 2022

Another option for more daring is curls that will better highlight the hazelnut highlights. To reproduce this effect without harming the health of the hair, our editors recommend choosing one of the many no-heat curling techniques.

Wearing your hair down or tying it back in a half ponytail are two other options that should not be overlooked. In fact, the latter belongs to the trendy hairstyles 2022 and comes in four great variations to urgently test!

How about the interview?

Hazelnut hair color trend Spring summer 2022 . hair colors

Finally, how about maintaining the hazelnut hair? Like any other colored hair, this luminous shade requires regular care and, of course, is suitable for dyed hair. Don’t forget to protect your ends from heat sources with an appropriate styling product. Fortunately, a wide range of hair products are available and you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs.

The last key point in maintaining hazelnut hair is moisturizing the scalp and hair because the dye tends to dry out.

Hair color trend for spring/summer 2022

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