Cannes Film Festival, Day Three: Léa Seydoux, star of “Squid Game” and Pinocchio

1:10 pm – Martinez men

The entrance to the Majestic Hotel is somewhat similar to the entrance to the Fort Alamo: day and night, it is guarded by a band of wire-and-wire Cerberus, like scarecrows. There, at this moment, two of them were standing side by side and it would be hard to tell who he was: the same shaved head, the same quick glasses, the same white polo shirt drenched in sweat, the same bewildered frown. They look at each other. Then one said to the other, ‘We still have the heads of great winners, damn it. The scene, a microscopic moment of Hell Cannes, ends with a sigh in two voices.

1:30 PM – Business meetings at the spa

Visit the new Carita Spa. We learned that a cabin for 2 or even 3 people was installed. For couples or stag parties? ask naively. Answer: “Yes, of course, but especially for Chinese women who arrive in Martinez, they organize business meetings at the same time as treatment. The Art of Multitasking or Conference Room 3.0.

2:30 p.m. – “Are you Italian? Sounds like, with your hair on!”

In a rush that does not satisfy any pressing need from an aesthetic or practical point of view, one of your servants decides to wrest himself from the shapeless mass wandering aimlessly on the Croisette to take refuge, around the Rue Antibes, in the elegant decor of a hair salon. The meticulously studded young man who takes charge afterwards pays him a few compliments about his brown mop of hair adorned with melted wax. “Are you Italian? It sounds like your hair. We answer in the negative, noting that he has a Far Eastern accent in his voice.” Are you Russian? It is time for him to answer in the negative. Before we add that we were just about to arrive: he’s Ukrainian. As the pieces progressed, we learned that it was from Dombas, that region in the east of the country that Russian forces now want to swallow up. In 2014, when the fires of war broke out there, the young man with his mower and his mother left everything they had to take refuge in France, in Cannes. “My mother dreams of the south of France. Here she found herself a husband, and we stayed. She left a family in Ukraine. Despite the war, they don’t want to leave. It’s hard. The Russians are strong. The evening is there. Only the grief of the hairdresser is important. She deserves a film, and the courage that goes with it, the palm of the hand.

3:20 pmThis is not an interview with an actor squid game

Head to the Sicily Pavilion at the Majestic Hotel for a timed interview with Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae, who is in Cannes to screen his own spy thriller about a mole infiltrating Korean intelligence. Between footage of Korean spies and images of the eruption of Mount Etna, the star answers questions in Korean. The translator translates for us, and that does not prevent our man from making his number. Instilling the gaze in us, sending us big smiles, the air is fully invested in this conversation that is not one. He seems to be joking. The translator translates and we wonder what’s funny. Ladies and gentlemen representative.

4:30 p.m. – Forget everything you know about Pinocchio!

Between an interview with Lee Jung-jae, a star squid game And writing a review of Serebrennikov’s film, we decided to take a break: come on, it’s time to bring the film to the market. In this fascinating race of mice where 12,500 professionals flock every year to buy and sell everything, from delicate Japanese films to American six-headed shark stew. It is often said that cinema is an art and an industry: the movie market shows behind the scenes of the industry in all its cold, weird and wonderful aspects. One Luc Besson project and another one with Kevin Spacey…we told you there’s everything. Obviously we’ll hear from Asylum, the Californian production company behind the Sharknado saga, about the invasion of hurricane-caught sharks in Los Angeles. “Yes, everyone talks to us about Sharknado Prefer to talk about the future: In 2023, Ape vs. Mecha Ape, a life-and-death match between a giant ape and a giant robotic ape, Jurassic Domination, an attack on army-armed dinosaurs, The Shark Side of The Moon, The story of sharks sent to the moon and… oh forget it. Elsewhere in the market, a John Travolta poster caught our eye. David Suarez, “Executive Partner” challenges us to VRP mode, invites us to sit down and sets us up: Forget everything you know about Pinocchio Well let’s do this He unlocks his computer, cranks the volume to max and shows us the animation trailer Pinocchio and the water of life. “If you think you know Pinocchio, think again.” Estimated budget: $25 million. “Pinocchio finds the water of life and brings it to his friends to live,” he says. But then they wonder: What is the purpose of life? It is very philosophical.”

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