Why is it difficult for women to wear short hair?

this is the story of mr.

She is 18 years old and has just started modeling. One day, her booking agent told her in absentia that it would be more convenient if her hair was kept shoulder length, so it would never be a problem. Hair in a fashion show, it doesn’t look like it, but it’s the nerves of war.

The display derives its strength from its stability, and its flexible side makes it possible to work with all models in the same way. From Eddie Sedgwick to Eddie Campbell, only models can create the event with a very special story. However, all this is changing. Thanks to girls like Mr.

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Although she is only 18 years old, she has already spent fifteen years with long hair! Recently, M. got tired and went to cut his hair … in the bowl, precisely! As we all know, the fashion for short hair was born in France in the 1920s. “La Garçonne,” a novel by Victor Marguerite (1922), describes a heroine who, like M., also finds it to be a great idea to have lighter hair.

A little later, in a country house, Coco Chanel cuts her and her friends’ hair with sewing scissors. Louise Brooks, an American silent film actress, comes to Paris and discovers a world of possibilities. In short, all this leads to the largest hair boom in history. Thus, as of 1923, two out of three women wore short hair in France. That’s not all: as soon as this fashion appeared in our country, it conquers the world. In Beirut, Lima, Shanghai, Jaipur … everywhere the same simple gesture, the same scissors.

A Buenos Aires woman once told me her family legend: Her mother and aunts became “like French women” in the 1920s, just by cutting their hair. Fashion is never strong as if it costs nothing. People want to imitate a situation with the means available. As I write these words, I have a picture of my father, a child in 1924, surrounded by his sisters, also wearing his hair like Louise Brooks!

But back to the women. When you see the beauty that short hair has created, you wonder why so many prejudices are still attached to it. Prejudice is so stubborn that it is quickly asserted that it is the work of men. However, a lot of them are sensitive to these semi bare faces, to these bare necks, to these headbands… all tastes are in nature… but then, why are all these little girls with their hair the same?

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I know a 9-year-old, who stands in front of a “Zazie in the metro” poster or Charlotte Ginsburg in “l’Effrontée”, in front of a confusing poster. Of course, I get it: it’s great to enjoy the fact that hair is a living substance, we … But what is the role of the base in this? It is she who is questioned when black women make history by assuming afro cuts, by showing the sublime these foam balls on their heads. It’s she who, in turn, crushes Audrey Hepburn when she, a very skinny woman in the world of sex bombs, orders a young boy’s haircut in a mythical scene from Roman Holiday. AD is then the heiress of a long line of rebels. It’s progressing, but when we see the schoolyards, we know there is still work to be done…

Sophie Fontanel

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