Why and how to master hair coloring with the moon?

It’s no secret that the moon affects many aspects of our lives and health. For example, the full moon is seen to affect the mental health of some people while others report sleep disturbance. It also shows that the Earth’s satellite can also have an effect on beauty, which leads many women to respect the lunar hair calendar. In our article today, our editors take a closer look at hair coloring with the moon in 2022, the dates and colors to consider, and caring for your dyed mane. to focus!

Why color your hair with the moon?

Did you know that the skin and hair, as well as the human body in general, are at their best during the moon waxing phase? Here’s why, it’s the perfect time to make hair changes. Many women decide to cut their hair with the moon to stimulate their growth, stop hair loss and strengthen the roots. But what about coloring hair according to the moon? Why do and what are the benefits?

Hair color with moon calendar 2022 for hair coloring

Answering the above questions is very simple. Therefore, the wax moon helps the color retain for longer while enhancing its glowing appearance. But, it still turns out that astrological signs also play a rather important role in this extraordinary subject. Thus, when the moon passes through the constellation of Sagittarius or Libra, your hair color will benefit from a better hold. Moreover, when the Moon is in Aries as well as in Sagittarius and Virgo, your coloration will be radiant. But what are the exact dates to be preferred? We present it in the next paragraph.

When do you color your hair with the moon in 2022? Here are the exact dates!

When do you color your hair with the moon on favorable days and unfavorable days in 2022

The lunar calendar for hair coloring takes into account many factors including the position of the moon in the signs of the zodiac, as well as its phases, solar eclipses, days of the week, etc. Find out below the favorable and unfavorable days for coloring from April to the end of the year.

April :

Favorable days: From 01 to 16, 21,

Unfavorable days: 19, 30

mayo :

Favorable days: 04 and 16

Unfavorable days: 16 and 19.

June :

Favorable days: 3 and 14

Unfavorable days: 17;

July :

Favorable days: 3 and 13

Unfavorable days: 16;

August :

Favorable days: 1, 11, 30,

Unfavorable days: 15th;

Hair color Lunar calendar 2022 Favorable days and unfavorable days

September :

Favorable days: 1, 10, 29,

Unfavorable days: 13;

October :

Favorable days: 1, 9, 28,

Unfavorable days: 13, 25

November :

Favorable days: 1, 8, 27,

Unfavorable days: 12;

December :

Favorable days: 1, 7, 26,

Unfavorable days: 12;

What color should be adopted in 2022?

Hair color trend 2022 hair color with the moon

You’ve decided to choose a hair color with the moon, but are you missing ideas for shades to embrace? So don’t worry because our editors have some very popular suggestions for you. There are many shades that are going to be causing a stir this year and that deserve our special attention. But which one do you choose exactly? It really depends on your wants and preferences, but we would like to give you some growing ideas.

Some of the trending hair colors of 2022 include warm chestnut, charcoal, and caramel ombre for brunettes, while platinum, strawberry, and mushroom blonde will adorn the heads of blondes. We will also see some bold shades including lavender brown, red, pink hair, etc.

What is the care of colored hair?

What is the care of colored hair Moon hair color 2022

What color hair care should be followed to pamper your hair better and avoid the damage that coloring can cause? First of all, it is very important to choose a shampoo designed specifically for colored nails. Shampoos containing sulfates protect your color while helping to preserve its beauty and shine. Second, moisturizing your scalp and hair is another essential step in your beauty routine because coloring tends to dry out hair. Think oils, butters, conditioners, etc.

Moon hair color 2022 for hair care

It is also preferable to use heat protection products in addition to home masks for dry hair. Believe it or not, diet also plays an important role in the health of your skin! To get the most out of it, we invite you to discover the foods that are good for hair and worth adding to your list.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take care of your hair in summer to reduce damage from sun, sea salt, sand, chlorine, etc.

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