What method do you choose to straighten your hair?

What is hair straightening?

There are two types of hair straightening. The home version with the straightener and the permanent version for the pros.

DIY straightening your hair consists of heating the lengths with plates to give it the smoothest look possible.

Unlike brushing, straightening hair does not necessarily require a dryer and brush. Make sure to straighten your hair only when it is dry. Otherwise, you risk damaging them by burning the scales and making your hair brittle.

Smoothing enthusiasts, learn how to make good use of a straightener to achieve dreamy sleek hair.

There are also semi-permanent straightening kits that straighten your hair yourself for longer than using a straightener.

What is the permanent hair straightening method to choose?

Brazilian straightening, perhaps the most famous of all, consists of relaxing the keratin hair fibers for a natural fall.

Japanese straightening is a method that lasts from 3 to 6 months to hold hair straight like chopsticks. This includes straightening the hair strand. This hair treatment lasts three hours.

A smoothing method based on vegetable collagen, the treatment also strengthens damaged hair. This type of smoothing is effective for up to 7 months.

American straightener is ideal for wavy to curly hair. It gives a less solid effect than its Japanese counterpart but boost Hair by giving it shine, strength and beauty!

Straightening is an African type flyaway hair straightening method. It’s all about breaking the hair and putting it back straight. This method is completely invasive.

When you don’t straighten your hair every day or when humidity quickly makes it invincible, keeping your hair dry for an entire day is a real headache.

Wrinkle, your worst nightmare. Curls, horror. We’ve got some great tips to help you stay smooth.

Indeed, you can start by applying a heat protectant treatment before drying your hair.

If you straighten your hair with a hair dryer, get a boar bristle brush and keep the air flowing down.

For straightening addicts, equip yourself with a good straightening iron, with ceramic plates and not the ones you were pulling 10 years ago.

Choose the right products to straighten your hair

Before straightening your hair, you can apply products that help relax and protect your hair as well.

After straightening, it is recommended to use a setting spray or hairspray to prevent frizz from appearing.

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