The vintage and tapered edge that will be on all fronts this summer

‘Birkin Bangs’: The vintage ’70s style bangs that will be on all fronts this summer Instagram / maralafontan

The expert gives us her advice for adopting this fringe inspired by Jane Birkin’s iconic ’70s hair look.

The signature hairstyle of Jane Birkin at the time the seventies It continues to influence current beauty trends. “In 2022, we’re still inspired by symbolic bangs, a hair reference for many women,” says hairstylist Delphine Courtel, founder of her eponymous salon in Paris.

On social networks, celebrities and influencers are wearing it this spring: from singer Angèle to makeup artist Violette, model Louise Follain and influencer Mara Lafontan. The expert notes: “Many clients are requesting the same bangs as Jane Damas (creator of fashion and cosmetics brand Rouje, editor’s note) which I’ve been styling for several years that was inspired by Jane Birkin.”

Games with XXL length and asymmetry

Unlike the very short “small bangs” recently updated by Zoë Kravitz or the curtain fuse “bottleneck explosion” seen on Dakota Johnson, Birkin’s bangs are more casual. Due to its asymmetrical length extending to the eyes and blunt at the tip, but also due to its soft texture which gives a slightly messy effect. “It’s a thin, fuzzy fringe that’s very light and easy to use. It’s short in the middle between the eyebrows and longer on the sides,” describes Delphine Courtelle.

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a look an effort that most Londoners of Paris have kept herself at home: “I had the opportunity to work with Jane Birkin at Hermès and we talked a lot about her hair and makeup. She told me, ‘You know, I just put a little lipstick on my mouth and on my cheeks, and I cut my bangs short. By myself,” says Delphine Courtell, “I’ve done a lot of things—the same side of hairstyle, makeup, and styling. This “homemade” side is very much in play today, this faux Parisian hairstyle too.

Birkin’s fringe, step by step

During confinement, Delphine Cortell encouraged her Instagram subscribers to create “Birkin bangsSame-same.” It is very easy and fun. Just take a small nail scissors,” she recommends, “and place the wick between your index and middle fingers. Then, starting from the middle of the face, practice the pulling method: that is, cut the ends of the bangs by placing the scissors vertically in the hair. Then go down the sides gradually, until you have larger locks on the sides.

Design-wise, the routine looks totally basic, as if she had just left it air-dry and scrubbed with her fingers. “The ideal is not to work too much. It’s a fairly natural fringe, there just isn’t much to do,” confirms Delphine Cortell, “If the lock is too soft, just use a brush and hair dryer to smooth it out a bit.”

The only condition? “It should be clean. If your skin is oily, the bangs will get greasy from the excess oil on the forehead. I recommend washing it every morning with a glove and a little water and shampoo. As it heats up, put small matte sheets in your handbag in case you sweat under the wick.” If you don’t have time to brush it off, dry shampoo is a good alternative,” continues the hairstylist.

temptation bout

Finally, Birkin strikes have another advantage: to please all profiles. “It’s a style I’d recommend to those who dread doing bangs for the first time. Ultra-straight bangs or curtain bangs are more sophisticated to wear,” says Delphine Courtel, adding that “this look works on all faces.” It’s even better on an over-the-shoulder square cut or long hair in the ’70s style. On the other hand, “this method doesn’t really work on thin or curly hair,” according to the specialist. As for maintenance, finishing touches every six to eight weeks is sufficient, in the salon or in the shower for the more adventurous.

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